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16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 11: Devon Broyles

Can you believe it's the second-to-last episode before 16 and Pregnant's season 4 finale? My, my, how time has flown.

MTV's delivered week after week of drama-rama, and Devon Broyles is no exception. This army wife to-be had the shock of her life when she found out about the bun in her teenage oven, and we get to watch as she navigates the ins and outs of mommyhood!

Also, home girl has a Monroe piercing. It's like she was born to star on 16 and Preggers.

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

God bless the USA, ya'll! Devon Broyles is an American gal from head to toe, and she's crazy in love with her baby daddy, Colin, who's a soldier in the U.S. Army.

Colin's four years older than Devon, and they both live with her enormous family –– including her sister Jane, who's also a teen parental. That's right: One house, two underage baby mamas. Yikes!

Devon and Colin are over the moon for each other, and they're eager to take full responsibility for their growing baby. Colin works full time at a warehouse and also reports to the Army Reserve once a month, and his main concern is providing for his family. How refreshing!

Meanwhile, Devon is busy prepping for her senior year of high school, but she's worried about giving up her party gal ways in exchange for dirty diapers.

In other news, Devon didn't notice she was pregnant until five months along. Yep, our jaws are officially dropped. Forget MTV, this girl would be a shoe-in over at TLC.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

It's senior year, everyone! Devon's thrilled about going back to school, but being pregnant isn't all fun and games. Everyone treats Devon differently now that she's –– you know –– enormous, and to top it off her cankles are killing her.

Devon realizes she can't handle the responsibility of school on top of the baber, so she gets her GED and has to miss homecoming.

Credit: MTV    

But there are more important things to consider than party dresses –– Colin and Devon don't have enough space at her mom's house! It might be time for them to buy a love shack, but Devon isn't ready to leave the nest.

Meanwhile, Colin thinks about re-enlisting in the army for the perks (Sweet new house? Check!), but what about the fact that he could get deployed? Isn't being around for Baby Landon more important than having a fancy home?

Oh well, no time to think about that now, because Devon's water breaks and she heads to the hospital to deliver her kiddo.

Little House on the Prairie

In case you hadn't heard, giving birth totally sucks. Did you know that some ladies break into a spontaneous fever during labor? That's right, it's horrible (er, we mean beautiful). Luckily, Devon has an epidural to help with the pain, and after 12hours of pushing, she pops Baby Landon out of her girl parts!

Now comes the fun part: Sleepless nights and dark circles. Unfortunately Colin can't help out too much with late night baby duty because he has to get up early for his warehouse job –– but don't worry. He's pretty much the best dad we've ever seen on 16 and Pregnant.

Thank goodness, because watching deadbeat fathers can be kind of exhausting.

Credit: MTV    

In other news, Devon finally realizes that she and Colin need a space of their own, so they meet with a broker and find out that they're approved for a $127,000 loan. Looks like these two will finally be able to get a house.

The only problem? Colin gets laid off from his job, which is completely heartbreaking. Let's just say that his tearful ugly-crying jag definitely had us hugging the TV.

Unfortunately, Colin and Devon can't buy their dream digs because of Colin's job situation, and he might have to re-enlist in the military.

Wait, why didn't MTV pick Devon to be on Teen Mom 3 again? We were pretty much sobbing during this entire episode.

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05.23.2012 / 06:51 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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