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Glee Recap of Season 3 Finale: “Goodbye” — Finchel Breaks Up!

Talk about heartbreaking! Tonight’s Season 3 finale of Glee had some delightful moments, but it also had some crushing shockers that left us as destroyed as a pinata at a graduation party. Case in point: Finchel’s relationship has apparently been tossed in the trash. And speaking of trash cans, let’s hope that none of you uses one to do what Brittany suggests to do.

Overall, we loved Season 3, Episode 22: “Goodbye,” but it was definitely a cry-fest. The episode begins with Schue announcing that the assignment is to say goodbye to the seniors. However, here’s what we don’t understand: The theme is goodbye, and yet not a single person performed 'N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”?! What gives? A note to McKinley’s students: When someone gives you an opportunity to perform an 'N Sync song, you freakin’ take it.

We learn the post-graduation futures of several of the students, with Mercedes off to L.A. to sing back-up for an indie music label, Mike heading to Chicago instead of Alvin Ailey, and Klaine determined to make the long-distance thing work, The Notebook be damned. (Not that we would ever say a disparaging word about Ryan Gosling, mind you. By the way, is this a bad time to ask Ryan Gosling if he’ll marry us? You’re right
there’s no such thing as a bad time to ask Ryan Gosling to get married.)

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

As for Brittany, apparently her GPA is a 0.0, which we didn’t think was possible, but maybe we should just be glad it’s not a negative number. It will be fun to see Brit in high school again, but we’re freaking out about the idea of Brittana spending any time apart.

In fact, we’re so upset that Brittany and Santana won’t be in the same city next year that we almost decided to start a protest where we shout, “Brittany Pierce graduates! Brittany Pierce graduates!” (Oops
wrong teen show.)

We also loved getting to meet Santana’s mom (guest star Gloria Estefan). It was super-cute to see her with Santana and Brittany at Breadstix, and then we were completely touched when she encourages Santana to take the money that she’s been saving and move to NY. Then again, even though it’s a big check, we’re guessing it will be enough to buy roughly one hot dog from a street vendor. (Long story short: New York ain’t cheap.)

Watching everyone graduate even Puck! was pretty magical. We also watched Finn endure some amazing highs and devastating lows this week. It was adorable to see Artie thank Finn for having their back all these years, but it was also tough to see Finn still dealing with his dad’s tarnished legacy.

And of course there was the huge shocker, when Finn despite his confidence about his acting prowess - gets rejected from the Actors’ Studio, followed by Kurt’s even-more-shocking rejection from NYADA. Sure, it was awesome that Rachel got in, but how on earth does Kurt not get in? A world in which Kurt with his amazing voice gets rejected from anything is not a world that we want to know.

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

But the shockers weren’t over yet, as the biggest one was soon dropped on us: Finchel aren’t actually having the wedding but instead are breaking up! Say what?! To learn that Finchel is going from being on the verge of marriage to breaking up, is like how we would feel if we thought we were going to a pizza party and instead it turned out to be a salad party. (Come to think of it, Finchel’s situation is probably a lot worse. But keep in mind that we really hate salad.)

And sure, we were impressed that Finn selflessly encourages Rachel to “surrender” and live out her dreams in the Big Apple without him
despite Rachel’s offer to defer for a year but we just might never forgive the show for splitting these two up. And now Finn is joining the Army? Okay, so we’re never ones to turn down a chance to see Finn in a uniform, but still.

So we think we’ve made it clear which scene we think is the episode’s worst, but we have to admit that the episode had plenty of great scenes, too. Quinn was involved in a slew of memorable scenes, between her hug with Sue (love it!) and her kiss with Puck (really love it!), but our “Favorite Scene Award” goes to Quinn and Rachel’s scene in the bathroom, where Quinn gives her the Metro North pass and calls her a “friend.” Granted, it’s a little weird that every cute Rachel-Quinn scene seems to take place in a bathroom, but we’ll try to overlook that fact.

And the runner-up for our “Favorite Scene” goes to Burt doing the “Single Ladies” dance as his graduation present to Kurt. We could seriously have watched him dance for the entire hour. To paraphrase a famous quote, “He who is tired of Burt Hummel is tired of life.”

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

So we loved the bittersweet episode, but it obviously left us with about a gazillion questions, the biggest being what Kurt will end up doing next year. And let’s not forget that we still don’t know who Sue’s baby daddy is. (Someone get Maury on the phone, stat.) We also have our fingers crossed that Finn will change his mind about enlisting and hop the next train to join Rachel in Manhattan. Okay, so that probably won’t happen, but we can dream, right?

All in all, it was a moving and memorable end to a season that was a return to form, especially of late. And we can’t believe that we’ll have to wait more than three months for the next new episode. However, three months should be just the right amount of time for us to all grow the perfect Uncle Jesse hairdo in time for the Season 4 premiere, right?

And in the meantime, we could use a snack. Anything but salad. (But don’t worry, Joe
we don't plan on eating you.)

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