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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga Wishes Gia Giudice Didn’t Have “Negative Feelings” Towards Her Family

Despite the inherent competition of field day, this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was surprisingly low on drama. Still, while Melissa Gorga didn’t have a problem with Gia’s little outburst, she was disheartened to hear what Gia had to say about her and her uncle Joe.

In her blog, Melissa says she loves the talk Joe had with Gia, but was upset to hear Gia’s perspective on certain issues.

Melissa explains, “Yes, it bothers me a little the way she was saying her mom [Teresa] gets upset and her mom tries. I wish she didn’t know as much as she does about the whole situation, but I think Joe knows she is only getting to see one side and hear one side in her house, so he wanted to take the chance to tell her how much he loves her and her mother and that he is going to try and change it.”

Again, Melissa took no issue with Gia’s sore loser outburst, but she was upset by some of her other negative comments.

What did upset me was when Gia said something negative about her Uncle Joe and me, because it seemed like it was just something she was used to hearing,” Melissa writes.

“And with that I will say it is 100% not her fault. She wants to love us, but I think she is very confused as any little girl would be when she is hearing so much about us in her home. It’s very sad and unnecessary, because she shouldn’t have to hear discussions about her aunts and uncles,” she continues.

Ultimately, Melissa just wishes that Gia could be free to love her family without any influence from others. “At such a young age, she shouldn’t have any negative feelings towards family, only love. I really feel for her,” Melissa explains.

Do you think Gia is being negatively influenced by her parents? Sound off below!