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Nathan Fillion Talks Joss Whedon, Teases Much Ado About Nothing

Castle star Nathan Fillion rounded out the Hero Complex Film Festival this past Sunday in L.A. with a Q&A about all things Joss Whedon — the directorial mastermind behind the short-lived FOX show Firefly and its big screen counterpart Serenity.

Nathan had nothing but positive things to say about his Firefly/Serenity co-stars, with many of whom he still maintains a close relationship.

"Usually on a show you pull one friend [after shooting wraps]," he explained. "On Firefly, there were 20 to 25 people.”

Throughout the years, Nathan stayed particularly close with co-star Adam Baldwin, aka Jayne Cobb, who recently appeared on an episode of Castle — an experience they both likened to "slipping into an old brown coat."

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But it wasn't just the friendships Nathan forged that made his time aboard the Serenity so monumental. For the former soap opera star, it was a lesson in the language of Joss.

“It was a very particular type of speech — ‘Joss Speech’ — and Joss just cast people who nailed it," Nathan said. "He picked people who could hit those notes. You can’t paraphrase Shakespeare. You have to stay true to the words.”

Speaking of Shakespeare, Nathan went on to discuss Joss's latest endeavor, Much Ado About Nothing — a small project compared to the director's two latest flicks Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers.

Nathan admitted that he initially tried to back out of the film (he plays supporting character Dogberry), afraid he wouldn't be able to do Shakespeare justice. But Joss insisted, telling him to just "relax." In the end, his advice proved pivotal because the film was a "pleasure to do."

"We all know the man is a genius," Nathan said, praising Joss's mainstream success. "But now, everyone knows.”

Look out for Much Ado this spring.

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