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The Bachelorette

What Goes On in The Bachelorette Fantasy Suites? Emily Maynard Reveals All… Kinda!

America's sweetheart (aka The Bachelorette's Emily Maynard) hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about the mysterious sex chambers known as "Fantasy Suites," and she was joined by our favorite Bravo celebutease, Kathy Griffin!

Now, in case you're a Bachelor virgin, the "Fantasy Suites" are elaborate overnight digs wherein the Bachelor and his chosen lady have deep conversations, stare into each other's eyes, and yes –– spend the night together. Unfortunately, the cameras leave right before things go from PG-13 to Rated X, so we have no clue what happens behind closed doors.

And neither does Emily. "I have no idea," she insisted after Jimmy reminded her that she shacked up in Fantasy Land with Brad Womack). "I don't know."

Hmm, sounds like Emily has a pretty short memory. But speaking of Brad, our girl Chatty Kathy has something to say: "That guy's a dirty whore. I don't like Brad, yuck, dirty. You won that prize honey, because screw that Brad."

Not to take sides –– but amen, sista-friend! To find out if Emily and her suitors will spend the night in Fantasy Suites, click here!

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