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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 18, Episode 12: “Highlights” Recap: Dirty Panties and Mock Panel!

Missed this week’s episode of America's Next Top Model? Too busy watching another cute Southern boy win American Idol? We feel ya. You didn’t miss too much on Cycle 18, Episode 12’s “Highlights” show, but here are six moments that add some interesting context to the rest of the cycle — which will end next Wednesday, May 30 with a Sophie vs. Laura finale.

1. No, Eboni seriously is that vain
Did you know that Eboni is actually a pretty good rapper? She shared a tight anti-UK rap that Sophie tried and failed to combat. So that was impressive. But we also heard that Laura wasn’t the only one who thought Eboni was super vain.

Catherine: "Eboni, I think she spends 80 per cent of her time looking in mirrors. If there's one mirror in the room she'll sit directly in front of it and be like 'Hi, I'm Eboni. You look good today.'"
Annaliese: "You know when she's looking at you, I don't think she's giving me eye contact. I think she's looking at her reflection in my eyeballs. Ultimate vain."

2. Seymone empathized with Louise
We re-watched Louise WattsEpisode 3 meltdown, including more of her disses at judge Kelly Cutrone: "F-ck you. I know who I am. You're not tearing me down, especially not that Kelly. She can go f-ck herself!" In previously unaired footage, we heard Seymone tell the other models if the judges just sat down and got to know Louise and listened, they'd understand why she was feeling that way and couldn't just take it anymore. It was interesting to hear that empathy from Seymone. Maybe it’s because she too has a temper and felt frustrated and misunderstood.

3. Mock ANTM panel
The girls set up their own mock Top Model elimination. Catherine played Nigel Barker, Eboni played Tyra, Laura was Kelly and Sophie played all the modelstants. Sophie made fun of Eboni’s pigtails, Alisha's obsession with her legs and Laura's love for sex. Pretending to be Laura, Sophie wore almost nothing and showed off her bra and bare butt. "So how do you think you did this week?" she was asked by the “judges.” "I was thinking about sex!" Sophie yelled.

Credit: Walter Sassard/The CW ©2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved    

4. Dirty panties on the floor for five days?!
AzMarie was the resident cleaning lady. She complained that the girls were "dirty as hell." There was hair everywhere. Dishes everywhere. The British girls seemed particularly sloppy. At one point, everyone gasped and the camera panned over to Sophie actually washing a dish. Shocking! It was the first time she’d washed a plate. But nothing beats this classic and somewhat troubling line from Eboni: "I don't know whose dirty panties have been sitting on the bathroom floor for five days, but they need to get their sh-t." Eww!

5. AzMarie and Laura do some booty bonding
Much was made in the highlights episode about the flirtatious bonding between AzMarie and Laura.

"I'm like 110 percent lesbian."
Laura: "You're purebred. I'm a halfer. Women definitely give me better orgasms."

After that, Sophie and Scottish Ashley had one of their cute camera confessional confabs.

Sophie: "Do you reckon they'll have girl-on-girl action?"
Ashley: "I think they'll have girl-on-girl action."
Sophie: "I think they will."

But AzMarie clarified to the cameras, "It's not a dating show, I'm not trying to date you." (Good news for Raven-Symone?)

We also saw a never-before-aired scene of AzMarie and Laura talking outside at night at the hot tub — fully clothed — about why Az refused to wear tooch pads in Tyra Banks’ booty tooch class. Az said someone told her “‘Oh you know the whole little booty pad thing was just meant to be fun’ but I got to really stay true to myself. Would I really do that sh-t? Not so much. ... That booty tooch that was just too much for me. I was like no. ... I can't please everyone." Laura told the cameras "AzMarie has her own way of doing things but I was really confused 'cause I didn't understand why wearing a fake butt would be so embarrassing."

6. Alisha and Seymone lose their minds
Did you know that Alisha spent all day tapping her head because the weave they gave her for her makeover made her head itch? It was like Morse code on her head all day. She felt like she was losing brain cells but it felt better when she tapped her head.

Maybe that’s what led to her slow emotional decline throughout the season. Back on Episode 3, Alisha got into a serious in-your-face fight with Seymone after the U.K. girls threw paper around as a prank and the temper-pedic Seymone flipped out. We were on Team Brits for that one, but in never-before-aired footage, we saw the aftermath where Alisha and Seymone tried to have a truce.

Alisha: "You frightened me yesterday. I had to jump out of my character. I do not do that. These girls were shocked and I'm embarrassed I had to act like that."
Seymone: "All of you at once attacked me."

Yeah, it wasn’t much of a truce. Alisha told the cameras she wasn’t sorry for throwing paper and in, fact, that very night she may want to throw paper again. But Alisha made a mini apology and she shook Seymone’s hand.

Catch the finale of ANTM Cycle 18 Wednesday, May 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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