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Revenge Death Watch: Will Conrad Grayson Die in the Season Finale?

Hate to break it to ya'll, but someone is going to die in Revenge's season finale. And we're not just talking about Sammy the Dog being resurrected only to be killed again.

Rumor has it that a main character is kicking the bucket, and we have our eye on Conrad Grayson. Check out thre reasons we think he won't live to see another season!

1. We Like Him, But Don't Love Him

The Revenge powers that be know how hard fans would take it if Nolan, Emily, Daniel, Jack or Victoria died, which leaves room for Declan, Charlotte, Ashley and Conrad.

Peeps are pretty attached to Dekks, Char and Ash, but Conrad's death wouldn't cause anyone to throw themselves into a lobster cage in a fit of angst.

2. He's A Super-Villain

Connie is Revenge's resident villain, and he has to go down sooner or later. After all, the good guys always win!

Then again, we're not sure Emily is a good guy. She seems kind of obsessed with murder, not to mention endangered seafood.

3. His Death Would Be a Great Catalyst

Connie's death would set the stage for Daniel becoming the head honcho at Grayson Global, which would complicate Emily's scheme even more.

Can you imagine how conflicted Emily would be if her hubby was also her biggest enemy? She'd probably have to kill a few dogs just to let out her emotions.

Do you think Conrad will die in tonight's finale? Have at it!

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05.24.2012 / 01:49 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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