Revenge Finale Sneak Peeks and Spoilers Roundup
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Revenge Finale Sneak Peeks and Spoilers Roundup

Tonight's much-anticipated finale of Revenge will be the most mind-blowing episode yet!

Not only will both a principal cast member and an original Grayson Global conspirator bite the dust, but we can also expect a major cliffhanger for each character.

Additionally, the episode will get to the bottom of those rumors about a "horrific accident of a vehicular nature" as well as an "explosive event" that will change the Grayson family forever.

As if that wasn't enough to handle, it looks like Jack Porter might finally find out Emily Thorne's true identity.

While series star Emily VanCamp isn't giving anything away, she does promise a "wicked fight." Does that mean Emily Thorne and the White-Haired Man will finally duke it out? Read on to find out!

When Emily arrives at Nolan's house, she finds an ominous message on his computer: "Call my cell or I die." The white-haired man answers Nolan's phone and appears on the screen while a bloodied and battered Nolan squirms in the background. Emily reveals her true identity and says she wants to meet … face to face!

Meanwhile, back at the Grayson manor, Conrad informs Victoria that the evidence that could implicate them in the downing of Flight 197 is in the hands of their "most powerful adversary." Little do they know that "adversary" is actually their next-door neighbor.

Back in the dungeon of torture, the White-Haired Man has the pair tied up, but our girl Emily is anything but tongue-tied. When he asks for the evidence, she sends him to a locker at Port Authority. But he has to act quickly because Emily scheduled an email to alert the authorities in less than one hour. The clock is ticking, White Rabbit.

While Emily hangs out in the basement, her fiance goes about his daily Grayson Global duties. What Daniel doesn't see coming is a visit from Jack, who treks all the way into the city to return the blood money. Leave it to Ashley to plant the seeds of suspicion in Daniel's handsome little head.

Consider all that the calm before the storm! In this next clip, Emily goes full-on ninja with the white-haired man, attacking him with everything from an ax (no really) to a shard of glass. A few punches and one bloody nose later, Emily delivers the line we've been waiting all season to hear: "Look at me. I want to be the last thing you see before you die."

When Victoria visits SEC investigator Agent McGowen, we learn that Daniel turned in the evidence against Grayson Global.

Wait, what? It wasn't tucked away in a locker at Port Authority? That Emily sure knows how to deliver a line!

Everything seems to be going as planned with Victoria's case against Conrad, except that Lydia has recanted her testimony. But it's not like they need her, anyway. According to Mr. McGowen, there's plenty of evidence to charge Conrad with murder for hire. Oh, crap. Looks like somebody didn't know!

Will Victoria go after Conrad? It seems she and Emily have more in common than they thought!

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