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Revenge Season 2: What Will the Future Hold For Emily, Nolan, the Graysons, and Porters?

When Gabriel Mann teased that "every character has a cliffhanger" after the Revenge season finale, he wasn't kidding.

So what does Revenge season 2 hold for all the characters?


Emily Thorne: Now that she's discovered her mother may be alive, will she drop her quest for vengeance and begin a quest to find this mysterious woman? And with her engagement to Daniel broken, and Jack stuck with a pregnant Amanda, she's single. And being as rich and beautiful as she is, we can't imagine her staying that way for too long.

Victoria Grayson: Maybe she's dead. Then again, we've learned never to underestimate the Ice Queen of the Hamptons.

Daniel Grayson: Um, maybe wait five minutes after breaking off your engagement to start macking on your ex-fiancee's ex-best friend? Could Daniel and Ashley get married in the season 2 premiere wedding teased by creator Mike Kelley?

Charlotte Grayson: Maybe she's dead. Then again, who would the writers torture without her?

Conrad Grayson: The White-Haired Man advised him to skip town, but he'll likely be needed in the aftermath of Charlotte's death or recovery.

Jack Porter: His runaway girlfriend came back with a bun in the oven! Of course, "Amanda Clarke" isn't really who she says she is. So can we really believe that the baby is his?

Declan Porter: Ignoring Charlotte's plea for help led her to take those pills. We sense a massive guilt trip coming.

The White-Haired Man: No, we don't know his name. But we have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of that snowy head.

Nolan Ross: Where's that new love interest we've been hearing about?

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05.24.2012 / 09:25 AM EDT by Kelly Woo
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