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Revenge Season Finale Analysis: Amanda Is Pregnant, But Is Jack the Father?

Curse you, "Amanda Clarke"!

Just when Emily Thorne was going to reveal her true identity as Amanda to Jack Porter, Fauxmanda emerged to display her pregnant belly.

"Oh my god," Emily whispered.

"I know, right?" a devious-looking Amanda answered. "Jack and I are going to have a baby."

After Em and Jack shared a devastated, meaningful glance, Emily offered her congratulations and high-tailed it out of there. And later, as "Seven Devils" by Florence and the Machine played, Jack touched sleeping Amanda's baby bump, clearly torn between the woman he believes to be his childhood sweetheart and the woman he is now in love with.

But hold up: Who says that baby is even Jack's? This is Faxumanda we're talking about. She's not exactly the most reliable source around. For one, she's lying about her identity, so she could easily lie about this.

Second, she betrayed Emily for a hot second by teaming up with Tyler Barrol, so she's capable of treachery.

Third, that belly seems a bit too large. Let's consider the timing: Daniel and Emily recently celebrated New Year's, and Amanda skipped town on the night of their engagement party, which was presumably Labor Day weekend. That's makes it about four months that Amanda's been gone.

Meanwhile, her baby bump looks more in the range of six to seven months along. But perhaps our eyes deceive us.

Let's also consider the fact that Amanda was working as an exotic dancer before she came to the Hamptons, and we know nothing about her life before Frank found her in that strip club.

What do you think: Is Jack the baby daddy?

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05.24.2012 / 10:15 PM EDT by Kelly Woo
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