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Revenge Season Finale Analysis: Did Lydia and Victoria Get on Separate Planes?

Blowing up airplanes is Conrad Grayson's favorite past time — it's just too bad that both his wife and his mistress were on board for his latest science project.

But the vast majority of you think Victoria Grayson is still alive, which means something doesn't add up. Let's analyze the scene to find out more:

Before Victoria arrives at the tarmac in her black town car, we see her former best friend, Lydia Davis, boarding a private plane.

Remember, earlier in the episode, Lydia told Conrad she had to visit her family in Philadelphia, and she didn't know when she would be back. Conrad patted her on the back and said, "I understand," with a sinister look in his eyes. Clearly, Lydia needs a lesson in lying from Emily Thorne.

The person on the other line wasn't Lydia's mother, but Victoria. The Queen of the Hamptons called to warn Lydia that Connie and Co. would be charged the murder of David Clarke — in addition to conspiracy in the downing of Flight 197 — and that she had better cooperate with the SEC to get immunity, unless she'd prefer to run around as a fugitive for the rest of her life.

Credit: ABC    

Back at the Grayson mansion, Victoria was preparing to leave for her trip to Washington when Conrad stopped her at the front door. He made her fate clear: board the plane and it'll be the last thing you do. "Then I'll see you in hell!" she yelled, before grabbing her bags. You can't hold a Grayson woman down, can you?

Back at the tarmac, Victoria approaches the plane in slow motion. But is it the same plane Lydia boarded just seconds prior? It sure seems that way — not only is Agent McGowen present to help both ladies on board, but you can also see Victoria walking up the stairs in the background as the White-Haired Man "prepares" the plane for takeoff.

If Lydia and Victoria did, in fact, board the same airplane, how could Victoria presumably still be alive?

Either she had a last-minute change of heart about testifying against Grayson Global, or she finally realized there was something fishy going on.

Or better yet, perhaps she knew about the plane's fate the entire time, orchestrating the whole thing to take out Lydia for her betrayal. After all, Victoria did tell Charlotte that getting retribution is OK when the person deserves it. And after all the lying, cheating, and backstabbing Lydia did, we'd say she had it coming.

What do you think? Did Lydia and Victoria board the same plane, or is Victoria halfway around the world by now?

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05.24.2012 / 08:02 PM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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