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The Bachelorette

Ryan Bowers’ Epic Love Letter to Bachelorette Emily Maynard: Sincere or Over-the-Top?

The guy went on for a year! OK, maybe it didn’t take a full year for Ryan Bowers to read his seven-page love letter to Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 2 — but it probably felt that long to Tony Pieper, who felt compelled to stand there and just wait it out.

Ryan is already the note master. In the premiere, he held up a cute two-sided note, telling Emily she was beautiful on one side and that he was so nervous on the other. Since Doug Clerget got the first impression rose by sharing a letter his son wrote, you can’t blame Ryan for wanting to break out his own long letter on Week 2, even though he already had a rose from his one-on-one date with Em.

Some people are loving Ryan and his notes and others are wrinkling their noses at the cheese.

As The Bachelor Season 15’s Ashley Spivey noted him her blog, “How the heck can you have seven pages worth of stuff to say after 1 date? Leave some mystery about yourself Ryan so Emily wants to go on more dates with you so she can get to know you dude!”

On our Facebook page, comments are divided. Michelle Michy Boo Watson isn’t that into Ryan, writing, “I'm sorry but any man that I went on one date with who writes me a seven page love letter would certainly loose my interest immediately. One or two pages is okay bit seven is just plain CRAZY!!” Katie McLane Preston also seems to be falling out of love with Ry-guy. “I liked Ryan at first but not after their individual date. They do make a beautiful couple but I don't think he's right for her anymore. I agree with Ashley.”

On the other side, Breanna Miller said she likes Ryan and Emily together, writing, “i thought they looked comfortable in each others presence. they smiled and danced and gazed into each others eyes. He even asked about her daughter. i like him, hes a keeper and he wrote that letter how sweet. =)” Wendy Snyder Erneston wrote “After last night, I wanted Emily to pick Ryan and end the whole episode...they seemed to make a great couple and the chemistry was so obvious! They make a beautiful couple!!”

What do you think?