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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From the Season Finale, “Reckoning”

Revenge might be on hiatus for the summer (WTF, FML, OMG), but our favorite characters have left a trail of snarks behind them to keep us satiated.

Check out the top 10 quotes from the finale, most of which we transcribed while sobbing "Victoriaaa" into our body pillow.

10. Conrad panics: "Daniel, that evidence was the only leverage I had against these vampires."

Oh dear lord, The White-Haired Man is a Cullen.

9. The White-Haired Man video chats Emily: "How would you like to do this?"
Emily: "Face to face."

Emily had this same convo with Daniel last night.

8. Nolan real-talks: "You are way outmatched by that crazy albino."

Excuse you, he has a name.

7. Conrad disses Victoria: "That harpie's toxic crusade has aroused the interest of a far more dangerous adversary than our government."

Who else thinks Connie was an English major?

6. Emily nearly kills The White-Haired Man: "Look at me. I want to be the last thing you see before you die."

Kinda pervy, but we'll go with it.

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5. Emily hangs with Nolan: "Champagne does not seem appropriate. Especially at 9 a.m."
Nolan: "Oh, champagne is always appropriate."

And we thought it was impossible to love Nolan any more than we already do....

4. Nolan raises his glass to Emily: "You got to kick the shine-ola out of Lurch."

The White-Haired Man has such hurt feelings right now.

3. Nolan gets down to business: "So, now that you’ve finished storming the castle, what about Prince Daniel?"
Emily: "We ended things."

Goodnight, sweet prince.

2. Conrad warns his wifey: "If you board that plane, it's gonna be the last thing that you do."
Victoria: "Then I guess I’ll see you in hell."

Clearly, she's referring to Yonkers.

1. Nolan worries about Em: "Do not do anything revengey until I get over there, got it?"

Love him.

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05.24.2012 / 08:05 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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