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The Bachelorette

When Are Blake Julian and Holly Durst Getting Married?

Many of you were wondering how Holly Durst and Blake Julian are doing lately, and when we gave you a little update back on February 7, we forgot to mention one small detail: the wedding date!

Credit: Holly Durst on Twitter    

Fortunately, a little peek at their wedding registry on Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s website yielded the answer. (We’re guessing our save-the-date card is just a little late to arrive.)

Mark your calendars, y’all: If that’s to be trusted, Blolly’s gettin’ hitched on June 2, 2012. A beautiful summer, southern wedding? We hope someone is recording the affair!

After the wedding, Blake and Holly are heading to St. Lucia, and then they might start trying for babies!

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