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5 Reasons Why Brennan Had to Kidnap Baby Christine

Look, nobody’s happy that Brennan (Emily Deschanel) had to become a fugitive to escape the murder Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) framed on her in the Bones Season 7 Finale “The Past in the Present.” Even worse, to escape the charges, she took Baby Christine with her on the run, leaving Booth (David Boreanaz) sitting broken-hearted and sad-faced on those church steps with an empty baby carrier.

Booth, we feel for you.

But if you think this thing through — you know, the way Brennan would — it makes sense that she’d bring Baby Christine along. Here’s 5 reasons her baby-napping can be somewhat rationalized.

1. Nutrition
How’s Baby Christine going to get that super-nutritious vegan-fed breast milk with Brennan on the lam?

2. Protection
If the baby is left behind, she becomes just one more target for Pelant. Did you like the way he was skulking around Christine’s nursery in the finale? Neither did we.

3. Maternal Instinct
It’s just unnatural for a mother to leave her child behind. Unless we’re talking about wilderness survival, in which case a mother would eat her young. But let’s not go there, OK?

4. Inconspicuousness
Brennan has a much better chance of blending in society as a single mother than as a beautiful, intelligent woman alone — sad, but true.

5. Fairness
Booth already has Parker, his son from another relationship, and Christine is Brennan’s only child. It sounds fair to us — and honestly, isn’t that what hyper-logical Brennan would think, too?

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05.25.2012 / 04:44 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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