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Did Victoria Grayson Die? Maybe Revenge Pulled a Game of Thrones

When the local news reported that Victoria Grayson's plane went kablooey on the season finale of Revenge, our first thought was: No. Way.

No way would they kill off the Queen herself, played by Golden Globe-nominated co-leading actress Madeleine Stowe!

Then, we remembered Game of Thrones.

For Game of Thrones newbies who hadn't read the books, the death of Ned Stark, the first season's hero and leading man, came as a complete and utter shock.

Sean Bean was the lead actor, on all the posters, graced the covers of magazines! And Ned was the noble patriarch of the family at the center of Game of Thrones.

Maybe it was a trick, maybe that axe didn't cut off his head, maybe ... nope. It was real. Ned was dead.

Bean knew it all along, of course, since he read the book. He signed up to play a dead character walking.

So it's entirely feasible, Madeleine Stowe did, too. After all, she only signs up for a few select acting projects every couple of years.

Did Revenge pull a Game of Thrones? Creator Mike Kelley did say that the major death that occurred in the finale will "be difficult for fans to [accept]." Don't know about you, but we wouldn't be crying over Lydia or Charlotte.

What do you think: Does Victoria Grayson = Ned Stark?

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05.25.2012 / 03:36 AM EDT by Kelly Woo
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