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True Blood

Exploring True Blood’s Fairies: Scoop From New Cast Member Giles Matthey

Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies ... we've pretty much seen it all on True Blood. But in season 5, the show will delve deeper into supernatural society, particularly the world of fairies.

While Sookie Stackhouse's fairy godmother was drained of blood last year, she had plenty of siblings to teach Sookie their ways. One of them is her brother, Claude, played by Hollywood newcomer Giles Matthey.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Giles about playing a fairy, the family environment on set, and whether or not he'll shed his clothes on screen.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How did you get involved with True Blood?

Giles Matthey: I was about to fly back to New York ... I was wearing three T-shirts, one turtleneck, and a shirt over top of the turtleneck because my bags were so packed, I couldn’t fit any of the stuff in. I was so sweaty and so hot, and all the other actors looked so good.

I did the audition in front of Alan Ball, and then I was on my way to the airport. I was in the security line and my agent gave me a call and said, "You can’t get on the plane because you got the role and you’re in wardrobe tomorrow and they’re shooting the following day."

And that really changed my life. Because up until that point I had done a bunch of theater and a guest spot on The Good Wife and an indie film. To get a role that I got is a bit of a dream come true really.

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We've heard that the True Blood cast and crew is very much like a family. Was everyone welcoming?

I have a lot of scenes with Anna [Paquin] and Ryan [Kwanten]. You see these people on TV and you really admire their work, and then it’s "Oh, hi. I’m Giles." They’re so supportive on that show.

Everyone from the writers to the directors to Alan to the stars of the show like Anna and Stephen [Moyer] and Ryan — these people, they’re fairly big names. You’d expect them to be just so professional and so busy that they wouldn’t have time, but it was just the complete opposite. It really is like watching a well-oiled family unit put this thing together.

What can you tell us about Claude?

He plays quite a prominent role in the books. But True Blood and the Charlene Harris novels they’re very different and there’s no secret to it. Claude is a fairy and he is related to Sookie’s grandfather who was part fairy or even full fairy.

In the book, he was a really pretty bodybuilder/insane body male stripper and just uber hunk. They’ve gone slightly for a different Claude in picking me [laughs]. I don’t have any muscle mass and I wouldn’t say I’m a hunk of 2012 or anything.

Without giving too much away he kind of goes into Sookie being a fairy and what that means to her and what that means to the fairies in general. He has sisters as well, quite a few sisters.

It will be really interesting to see, because last season, the fairies were portrayed in such a way and it will be interesting to see how the audience views fairies in this up-and-coming season and on.

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So, we learn more about fairydom?

Yeah, there is a focus on fairies. That’s not exactly a secret, with all the casting calls. I’ve been a real geek because I love to see who’s been cast.

A lot of questions are answered regarding that whole side to True Blood. It’s always evolving. These writers are so good at what they do .... Some of the dialogue is just amazing and borderline outrageous, which is just brilliant.

What else can you say about season 5?

They’re coming to the end of the season .... It’s all building up to something. And I have absolutely no idea what it’s building up to.

You kind of wish you could actually have fairy powers and know what’s going on and hear [the writers'] thoughts so you could be like, "Oh THAT’s what’s happening."

True Blood is known for its nudity. Can we expect to see you shed your clothes this season?

Well, I don’t think many people would want to. It’s hard when you have people like Joe [Manganiello] and

Alexander Skarsgard on the show because if you’re not like that, you’re kind of like, "How the hell can I compete with that?"

But who's to say? I don’t know what they have in store. If they were to say, "You have a scene of that nature coming up" or whatever, they’re so professional and they know what they’re doing. They do it very tasteful.

I’ve seen some of Jason Stackhouse's sex scenes and they don’t leave a lot to the imagination. It’s a very, it’s your primal instinct. That’s why I think it’s so successful because it taps into those primal urges and desires.

You're in L.A. now for True Blood, but your girlfriend is in Chicago, right?

Her name is Hannah Ware and she is currently in a TV show called Boss with Kelsey Grammer. That too, is another great show.

We met at acting school. I think I did my first ever scene at school with her. It’s lovely to be with someone and watch them success and have triumphs and obviously disappointments and failures.

I am in L.A. I’ve been here on and off for about three months. The weather is very nice, but I don’t drive which is really embarrassing. I’m 25 and should know how to drive by now.

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