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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita Admits She May Have Overstepped Her Boundaries With “Extremely Rude” Gia Giudice

While Jacqueline Laurita states in her blog that she found Gia Giudice’s meltdown at field day to be “a bit disturbing” she also admits that she may have gone a tad too far in trying to teach the 10-year-old not to be a sore losser.

Jacqueline writes, “We all love Gia. I think Gia is just misguided and maybe a bit hormonal as well. It's typical for a 10 year old to be emotional. Of all people, I think I understand that very well. I went inside after Gia, because I cared about her feelings.”

Jacqueline also points out that she read the book to Gia to help her understand her feelings, and while she never had any intention to upset her, she soon realized that maybe the matter could have been handled differently.

“I realized shortly after Gia ran up the stairs to get away from me that I may have overstepped my boundaries as a best friend/honorary aunt. I felt horrible instantly. I apologized many, many times,” Jacqueline reveals.

“As familiar as we were with each other, like family, it really wasn't my place to teach Gia a lesson. I still feel horrible about it to this very day,” she continues.

However, while she acknowledges that she may have not dealt with the situation in the best way possible, Jacqueline also points out the fact that Gia was being incredibly disrespectful to her.

“That doesn't take away the fact that Gia was extremely rude and disrespectful to me in my home, and I hope that at some point Teresa had a talk with her about that,” Jacqueline concludes.

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