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Revenge Season 2 Scoop: Emily’s Mom Has “Deep Psychological Issues”

The season finale of Revenge delivered some surprising twists, but the most jaw-dropping was the bombshell about Emily's mom: she's still alive!

This could be a good thing for Ems, right? Not so much, according to show creator Mike Kelley. Let's just say the pair probably won't be taking any mother/daughter trips to the spa any time soon.

"What you’re going to discover about the woman who was Emily’s mother is the circumstances under which they were separated and you’re going to find that there’s some deep psychological issues with her, which I think is going to be fun for us to explore," Kelley teased to EW.

"For Emily, she’s going to start seeing some of the psychological damage that her mother has in herself. So she’s going to start doing a lot of soul-searching about who she is, what part DNA has played in her life choices and how she’s going to move forward, whether or not this person is going to be part of her life or if this is going to be someone that is going to disappoint and hurt her."

As if her daddy issues weren't enough! Can't this poor girl catch a break?

On the upside, her mom's DNA will likely explain where Emily gets her good looks from. We can't wait to see which blond bombshell nabs the role of Mrs. Clarke.

"What we really want to do is find the perfect actor for the role. It would be really great for her to be as formidable as Madeleine [Stowe], but it’s a completely different part," Kelley explained.

Perhaps we can offer up a few suggestions?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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05.25.2012 / 08:32 PM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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