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5 Reasons Why Glee’s Finn and Rachel Should Be Together Forever

We envy anyone who owns stock in the Kleenex corporation, as we’ve gone through about a bajillion boxes of tissues following Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel’s (Lea Michele) heartbreaking split on the Glee season finale. How can the show’s producers do this to us? What did we ever do to them?!

Seriously, this Finchel breakup is just wrong. And to prove exactly how wrong it is, we’ve compiled the top five reasons why Finn and Rachel should have stayed together. C’mon — haven’t Finn and Rachel suffered enough? (Come to think of it, haven’t Finchel fans suffered enough, too?)

5. They support each other more than anyone else does.

Sure, we’re bitter that Finn forced Rachel to go to NYC during the Season 3 finale, but we all know he did so because spending a year stuck in Lima would make her miserable. Similarly, we loved hearing Finn tell Rachel at the prom that she’s an “inspiration” after she wins prom queen, or when Finn helped Rachel realize she didn’t need cosmetic surgery last year (in “Born This Way”). These two help each other make the right decisions and provide each other with strength. Seriously — don’t you just want to squeal when they’re together?

4. They’ve given the show so many of its best moments.

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When we think back to our favorite scenes on the show, a ridiculous amount of them happen to revolve around Finchel (duh). Whether it was when Finn says “I love you” at Regionals in Season 1, or when he kisses her onstage at Nationals last year, or this season’s beautiful proposal, Finchel’s best moments are the show’s best moments. (Then again, we’re not the only ones who were relieved that Finn was able to control his urges onstage at this year’s Nationals, right?)

3. No more Finchel duets? Say it ain’t so!

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From just about Day One, these two have been blowing us away with their fabulous duets, whether it’s “No Air” and “Faithfully” from Season 1, last year’s “Pretending,” or this season’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” (from “Michael”) and the finale’s “Roots Before Branches.” Their voices work so well together, and if they no longer get duets because they’re not dating, the show wouldn’t be the same. How are we supposed to breathe with no Finchel?

2. They bring out the best in each other.

It seems like it’s easy for some haters out there to argue that Finn holds Rachel back from her achieving her goals of stardom, but we think it’s their differences that make them stronger. Rachel gets Finn to dream big, while Finn helps Rachel to stay grounded. And let’s face it — getting Rachel to stay grounded is no small feat.

1. It’s simple: They’re Finn and Rachel. And they’re meant to be!

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Sometimes you just know when something is right, which is how we feel about Rachel and Finn. We love both of them as individuals, but it’s even more magical when they’re together. And given how much this relationship has endured and how much they’ve gone through, we just know that they can handle anything. So, sure — this current setback is devastating, but they’ll get through it! They’re Finn and Rachel, dammit!

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05.26.2012 / 05:11 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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