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The Lying Game

Does Blair Redford Have a Girlfriend?

Every time Blair Redford (Ethan) and his floppy hair waltz onto The Lying Game, our hearts skip a beat. It’s official: We’re head over heels for this dream boat! So what’s the deal? Is Blair single and ready to mingle, or is he a taken man?

Blair’s pretty private when it comes to his love life — he never mentions having a girlfriend in interviews and avoids the subject if it comes up. Don’t despair! Our team of relationship experts have unraveled this mystery and come up with two compelling pieces of evidence that will solve this thing once and for all.

Evidence #1: Blair’s List of Criteria for Ladies

Hair up or down? Down is the answer.
Jeans or dress? Dress
Humor or sensitivity? Gosh. I guess… I mean, I have to pick one? You wanna have both! I mean, those are both very important.
Go out/Stay in? Stay in and have a movie night
Advice for your future girlfriend? Hmm... to not watch my show because she might get jealous of Ethan and Alexandra. That can cause problems.

Note that the question was advice for his future girlfriend.

Evidence #2: Blair Tells Soap Opera Digest He’s Single... in 2007

We know for a fact that Blair was single in 2007 from thanks to an interview with Soap Opera Digest: “No kids, no marriage. I'm single.” Good news, but a lot can happen in four years.

Case closed: Call it wishful thinking, but given the fact that Blair was a free man in 2007 and that he recently chatted about his future girlfriend, we’re going to go ahead a say that this hunk is looking for love — with you! That’s right, ladies, Blair could be your guy!

Source: Soap Opera Digest, Justine Magazine

05.26.2012 / 05:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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