DWTS Troupe Member Henry Byalikov on All-Stars and HenryMania – Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Troupe Member Henry Byalikov on All-Stars and HenryMania – Exclusive

Dancing With the Stars Troupe member Henry Byalikov was almost a pro during Dancing With the Stars’ 2010 run, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to compete on the show. However, he’s now a member of the Troupe, which means we get to see him dancing every week on our TV screens.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Henry to discuss his pro aspirations, what he’s been doing before DWTS, and what he thinks the Troupe will be doing during the All-Stars season.

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We’ve done lots of interviews with Troupe memebers and they always say their goal is to become a pro, but for your it’s kind of different since you were first offered to be a pro. Do you still want to be a pro?
Oh of course! I mean, that’s kind of the point, you want to get to perform with a celebirty, that’s what the show’s about. To be honest with you, being in the Troupe is fantastic. It allows me to showcase myself as an individual as well as a partner. It’s been great, it’s been wonderful. But at the end of the day, the show is about partnering with a celebrity. And, bringing them through a journey of improvement, to the point where they are dancers. That’s what my goal is with the show. I’d love to be a pro on the show without a doubt.

It’s funny because I think people think of the Troupe vs. the Pros as the Troupe being the Junior Varsity team and the Pros being the Varsity team, but in reality you all have been dancing and working together for many years.
The pros have the benefit of experience on the show. You can’t take that away from them, they’ve all done equally an amazing job. But for myself, as a ballroom dancer, I’ve probably had some of the most experience in terms of dance and entertainment as much as anyone else. I did So You Think You Can Dance in Australia and I made it to the Top 4 of the men. And then I did DWTS in Australia as a pro. After that I represented Australia in a show called Superstars of Dance in the ballroom category and we got the bronze medal. And then I did Burn the Floor and a few other things, a contemporary ballet company, a musical, I just recently did a movie and will be continuing when I go home. And now I’m on DWTS. In terms of dancing I’ve had a fair amount of experience. And I’ve been teaching my whole life, it’s never something that’s too foreign.

Do you think they’ll bring in a new pro from the Troupe for the All-Stars?
Anything goes with Dancing With the Stars, that’s the beauty of it. As far as if they’ll bring in a new pro or not I’m not really sure but I know that for sure they’ll spice thing up. They’re going to do something. We’re all waiting to hear what is going to happen but I think they’re is a good chance of them doing something new but I wouldn’t know for sure.

I guess it’s something that you probably won’t know until right before the season starts.
About two weeks before! [Laughs]

I just think it’s kind of interesting because they’ve been bringing the Troupe more and more into the show itself and there’s a growing Troupe fanbase.
Absolutely. I mean it would make sense considering that it’s an All-Stars season to keep the Troupe there the way that it is. But they also might do something else. But I defiently agree with you. Being a part of the Troupe has been amazing for me, in particular. Just the joruney on my own has been fantastic and the amount of exposure I’ve gotten has been fantastic. The amount of fan support I’ve gotten has just been phenomenal. I did not expect that at all. But it’s been wonderful. It’s a testament to the show.

So when you talk about your fan support are you talking about Henrymania started by Maria Menounos?
[Laughs] I suppose you could call it Henrymania. But most of the fan support I’ve gotten has been through my website. And my Twitter (@HenryByalikov), my Facebook fan page. From all areas I’ve been recieving support which has been great. People have been asking about fan mail and I’ve been sending autographs here and there. It’s been lovely. I know as far as the show goes it’s about the celebrities and their journey but to have exposure like that it’s lovely. I feel really blessed.

Find out more about Henry on his website, HenryByalikov.com, and follow him on Twitter @HenryByalikov.

Maria Mercedes Lara is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @maria_mercedes.

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