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Glee Season 4 Is Going “Back to the Underdog”! Ryan Murphy Teases New Storyline, Different Musical Directions

If there's been any love lost over the last couple of seasons between you and your relaysh with Glee too many tributes, too many characters, etc. you may just wanna keep the faith for what's to come in Season 4!

In a new interview with Vulture, show creator Ryan Murphy described Season 4 as one that "gets back to the underdog status [for the characters]." Sounds like everyone’s newfound popularity after winning Nationals isn’t going to last long.

When asked about FOX president Kevin Reilly's description of the new season as a "creative renaissance," Ryan said, "I don't think that Kevin was particularly a fan of what I was trying to do with the beginning of this season. Kevin wants a Glee that's about Top 40, pop culture, big stars. So I know that he loved the end of this season, and I went and pitched him the next season and I think he loves it because it's very pop-culture based."

In other words, say goodbye to your West Side Story send-ups, we're guessing...

Ryan continued, "We're doing a great tribute right off the bat, another Britney Spears episode. Many of the characters will be starting over as underdogs, which is a good thing for the show."

Sooo... Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) has to restart her campaign to prove herself at NYADA, Kurt (Chris Colfer) has to figure out a way to get outta Lima, and Nationals champs New Directions start over from scratch sans seniors? This IS sounding a little like Season 1 (and we kinda dig it...).

Source: Vulture

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05.27.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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