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Girls Episode 7: “Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident” Recap: The Real vs. The Ridiculous

Tonight’s episode of Girls (Season 1, Episode 7: “Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident”) was exciting. Not just because we left the claustrophobic confines of Hannah and Marnie’s apartment to venture into a Bushwick warehouse party, but because we got to know each of the leads much better. Every Girl had a moment of vulnerability that not only made us like them better, but also helped us understand why they do the things they do. Those moments will be discussed in this week’s Real vs. Ridiculous.

The Real

Jessa’s realization in the emergency room. Jessa began the night covered in black feathers and ready to cause trouble. She daringly texted an unknown number to meet her at the party, and she bit into two “crusty” subcultural punks with some of the best and meanest insults ever. Yes, we just said “best … ever.” Telling someone they were born on a dirt floor? That you don’t think they’re cool and you bet their mother was poor? It can be fun to be cruel, to a point. That point, and Jessa’s “moment,” took place in the ER, as her boss’s sadly ponytailed head came crying into her lap. We recognized that squint on her face, before she said, “I can’t do this kind of thing anymore.” There really does come a point in a wild girl’s life when even being outrageous and bad doesn’t feel good anymore. Or at least, Jessa seemed to realize that she’s had this night before, and she’s already learned everything there is to learn from nights like this.

Hannah’s shock and “Aww…” Adam’s in AA, and somehow that makes him more appealing to both Hannah and us. Suddenly, as Hannah clumsily deduces, he’s this “brave” guy just tryin’ to live. But Hannah was pissed that he hadn’t clued her in to that big, mysterious part of his life. She thought the most defining thing about him was his “really big ears.” So when Adam tells her that all she does is ask selfish questions about sexual technique and her skirts, Hannah’s taken aback. In her head, he wasn’t letting her in because he didn’t want to. In his head, he wasn’t letting her in because she didn’t ask. So when Adam, very soberly, asks Hannah, “Do you want me to be your fucking boyfriend?” and Hannah is speechless, we identified with her feelings of guilt, shame, and simultaneous elation.

Marnie’s Bullshit Night in Suck City. Poor Marnie. The tiny Navajo asked if she was a Real Housewife! Is there a meaner thing to say to someone? Even Jessa’s born-on-a-dirt-floor insult doesn’t quite hit you over the head like being taken for a Real Housewife. That aside, Marnie tries explaining to a handsome stranger that she is really hard to get over. He gets up and exits that conversation mid-brag. She looks around and all three of her friends, and her ex-boyfriend, are happily with other people. She thinks Elijah will of course listen to her heterosexual drama because OMG, gays totes love her. He doesn’t totes love her. He calls her selfish. She realizes she really was. Then, to cap off one hell of a night, she has to share a cab with Hannah, Adam, their newfound rosy relationship glow, and Adam’s bike. Poor Marnie.

Credit: Jojo Whilden/HBO    

The Ridiculous

Shoshanna’s Pantsless Crackcident. First, let us say that we find Shoshanna’s accidental crack-smoking completely realistic. Crack is weirdly trendy for well-to-do hipsters. We remember when a certain glossy magazine planned a whole think-piece on crack becoming cool back in 2009, but never published it because the writer and the photographer wound up using the entire budget to order crack together. Shhh! Anyway, Shoshanna and Ray made us laugh very loudly throughout the episode, but crack just doesn’t last that long. In fact, Shoshanna would never have run out into the street and lasted more than two seconds before she zipped back around and headed straight towards those guys smoking glass cigarettes. Crack is, as they say, whack.

Tako. We appreciate Tako for the lines of dialogue she inspired from Jessa, particularly when Hannah saw Adam with her and said, “That’s Adam,” and Jessa replied, “He does sort of look like the original man.” But trying to open a beer bottle with her teeth for an uncomfortable amount of time? That hurts, and was she supposed to be incredibly stupid? We’re confused.

Jessa “rarely saves a number.” We like to think that we understand Jessa, especially after tonight, but sometimes her levels of Cool with a capital C rise to ridiculous heights. Announcing that you are jaded probably means you’re not jaded yet, especially when you’re wearing feathers and headed to a Bushwick warehouse party. Jaded is when you can’t be bothered to put on feathers at all.

What did you think of “Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident”? Share in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Girls on Sunday, June 3 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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