Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 2: “Momager Dearest”
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    
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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 2: “Momager Dearest”

Time for another daughter war with Kris Jenner in Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 7, Episode 2! This time Khloe stayed put in Dallas, and it was Kourtney who stepped into the ring with mom. Who went down swinging? Let’s find out!

Tonight’s episode begins with Kim, who’s got a bunch more time on her hands lately, hanging with baby sisters Kylie and Kendall. She decides to teach the girls to apply fake eyelashes and has Kylie put one on her. When she’s done, Kim insists she’s glued her eye shut. Gotcha! It’s just a prank. It’s the first — and smallest — of many yet to come from the group.

Meanwhile, Kourtney takes little Mason to a lunch date with Kris. First thing Kris does is comment (negatively toned, of course) on Mason’s pink shirt and pink sunshades. Kris doesn’t think it’s appropriate for the little boy to be wearing pink on both articles. Kourtney insists she always finds something to say but tries to drop the subject matter. When Kris brings up seeing a “hot guy” from The Voice at the Babyface concert, though, Kourtney sees an opportunity to take the passive-aggressive route. When Kourtney asks her point blank “Did you bone him in the bathroom? It’s not like it’d be such a shock?” Kris is left nonplussed. Ouch!

On a more positive note, Kendall and Kylie are now officially West Coast contributors for Seventeen Magazine, and they’ve gotten their first assignment! They’re asked to scope out Malibu for models for the magazine. Only problem is, Kendall’s extremely shy and doesn’t think she can handle walking up to random people for the gig.

Over in Kourtney-land, she and Kim go to an Italian restaurant to chat about the latest with their store, Dash. Kim mentions that Kris would like to take a look at the property before they go through with renting it, and Kourtney admits that she doesn’t want her to come. Kris’ tell-all book has brought up old issues, including her affair during her marriage to their father, Robert Kardashian. Kourtney doesn’t want to talk about it with Kris either.

Kim goes home and video chats with Khloe about the situation with Kourtney and Kris. Khloe thinks Kourtney needs to lay off a bit. It’s not like she’s in the most traditional relationship herself. The conversation quickly turns back to how skinny the girls think they were back in the day. Kim’s got some yummy candies, though, so her diet’ll have to wait until tomorrow.
Kendall and Kylie set out on their mission for Seventeen. Brave Kylie works the shopping square like an old pro, but Kendall mostly hides out. They bicker in the car about the situation. Kylie thinks Kendall needs to get over her shyness.

That night, everyone shows up to Kourtney and Scott’s house. It’s their first official dinner at the house, and they have a chef serve up dishes. The tastier dish, though, may be the server himself, because he gets Kris’ flirty mouth watering. Kourtney, still reeling after lunch, is having none of that.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 2: “Momager Dearest”
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

“You’re just so inappropriate and embarrassing,” she bluntly tells her mom. She follows that up with a few other jabs about being “uptight” and having “no shame in [her] game.” Kris suggests they move the conversation outside. That’s fine by Kourtney because she’s ready to bring it out there too. She tells her she doesn’t understand how she could do what she did so many years ago, especially with having four children depending on her. She also reminds Kris that it was her and her “memoir” which dug up the dirt covering that story’s coffin.

When Kourtney gets home, she’s not up for discussing the matter with Scott. He knows there’s something worth talking about and suggests that if she can’t talk about it even with him, she’s going to blow up one day.

At Kim’s house, Kylie confides to big sis Kim that Kendall didn’t help her very much with the first project. Kim has an idea for how to get her to open up. She’s been through it herself, after all, and it was Khloe and Kourtney who helped her get over it.

Back at the Jenners, Bruce notices Kris sitting alone outside and asks her what’s happening. Kris explains that Kourtney’s upset about the book and the affair, and Bruce agrees that Kourtney should “remember the good stuff” instead of dwelling. Kris then suggests that it might be bothering Kourtney more because she’s afraid it could happen to her family too. She’s also glad things happened the way they did because otherwise she wouldn’t have Kendall and Kylie or Bruce in her life. “It’s going to be okay,” Bruce assures her. Things are obviously looking up for those two.

On the second leg of their assignment mission, Kendall and Kylie are joined by Kim, who promised Kylie to help break Kendall out of her shell. They push her to give it a shot, and while it might not have been a perfect interaction, it goes over well and pretty soon Kendall’s handling the whole thing by herself. Bravo!

Now that that’s over with, it’s time for Kim to face one of her own fears: spiders. Bruce takes the girls for a hike and then starts chasing Kim around with one of them. It wouldn’t be Kim if she didn’t overreact, so she leaves Bruce up on the hill as she drives Kendall and Kylie back home without him. “Mr. Olympics can hurtle his way home. He can javelin, sprint, whatever,” she jokes.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 2: “Momager Dearest”
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Kourtney and Mason have another video chat with Khloe. The subject of Kourtney’s feud with mom comes up, and Kourtney admits to being meaner to Kris lately. She doesn’t want to talk to Scott about it because he wouldn’t understand, so Khloe suggests she seek therapy. Kourtney says she had therapy once regarding her relationship with Scott, and that it helped her tons with her relationship, so maybe it would work for the momager. Kourtney, who was totally Team Khloe on last week’s episode, tells sis, “You are like the one person who does not annoy me or get on my nerves.” Gotta love their bond!

During dinner later, Bruce tries to approach dealing with Kim’s fear of spiders in a different manner. He opens up a cup of spiders and throws them at her. Kim squeals, tears off layers of clothes, and jets out of the house. “No, Dad, that was not cool,” Kylie scolds.

Kourtney follows through on the suggestion to seek counseling and talks to Erica J., the therapist she spoke to about Scott before. The therapist offers up a series of potential theories as to why Kourtney sasses her mother so much — inherent competition, fear of history repeating itself with her own baby daughter, her own trust issues with Scott — but ultimately concludes she should just be as nice as possible anyway.

Kim, still hanging with Kylie and Kendall, decides she wants to get Dad (Bruce) back, and this time it’s gotta be really good. “I wanna like physically scare him,” Kim declares. She brings his son Brandon into the fold to do a Punk’d-style auto theft stunt with her Ferrari.

Scott and Kourtney hang out later, and he starts by picking on her headdress selection and then backpedaling to suggest it looks regal. He then asks her what she’s been so upset about and why she doesn’t want to discuss it with him. She didn’t think he’d care, but he says they’re family, and if she keeps “popping these kids out like Tic Tacs,” they’re going to be a big family.

Brandon and Kim pull off the stunt against Bruce with Scott’s assistance. Bruce is a little miffed by the apparent theft of the Ferrari — especially that he left his glasses in there — and gives Kim props on pulling off the trick.

Kris, knowing things are amiss with Kourtney, shows up to give her an early shower gift. Kourtney knows she’s trying to buy her affection and refuses to open it early. “It’s always her solution… to like buy our affection with gifts,” Kourtney explains. So, she tells her what’s been eating her and that she went to therapy about it and wants to make it better between them. Kris takes this as an invitation to explain her side of things. “I don’t really expect a lot — I just want to be loved,” she says.

As if there weren’t already enough spiders in this episode, there’s more: Kim walks into the kitchen and finds a jar of the creepy things. This time, Bruce isn’t going to throw them at her. Instead, he says she should name them and talk to them. She comes up with Charlotte and Wilbur. All is well again, hooray!

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