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The Bachelor

Catching Up with The Bachelor’s Jenna Burke: Breakups, Boys, and Blogging! — Exclusive

One of our favorite contestants from Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor was scene-stealer Jenna Burke. Lucky for us, Jenna’s new bachelorette pad in Brooklyn is just a few subway stops away from our east coast offices. We popped by her place – which she just painted a springy, Tiffany blue in case you were wondering – to see what she’s been up to lately.

Wetpaint Entertainment: When we last spoke, you had just gotten home from filming and you told us that – prior to doing The Bachelor – you’d just come off a really tough breakup. How was it returning to real life?
One thing’s for sure, the experience definitely helped me get over the people and things that had been holding me back. Doing The Bachelor kicked my booty in the right direction! I came back to New York and really wanted to date. I went out with a bunch of cool guys. It was fun, but after a while, I realized I really just wanted to focus on myself and my career for a while.

What did you do?
I started off contributing to a bunch of online publications, but I really wanted something I could sink my teeth into. My blog, The Over-Analyst, had always been a hobby, but I realized that if I put time and energy into it, it could really grow. So far, it’s been great. I actually have fun news to share…

I’ve just brought Casey Shteamer onboard. Casey has phenomenal style and she’s going to be covering fashion for me. It’s a great match because, you know, she’s in LA and I’m here in New York and we’re both single and just doing our best to find our niche. With her help, I really want to take the site in a new direction.

Credit: Jenna Burke    

Who else from the season are you in touch with?
Jaclyn [Swartz] and Rachel [Truehart]. They’re in New York too and I see them the most. But I’m also close with Monica, Kacie, Casey, Elyse, Jennifer, Emily, and Blakely. I wish saw more of Courtney but she’s one busy gal! Hopefully, I’ll get to see her soon.

What other things are you working on these days?
I’m kind of obsessed with social media and public relations. So in my free time, I had been looking to partner with a company who really knows how to utilize social media, who wasn’t afraid to think outside the box…

I just recently started working with this really cool brand called RealBeanz. It’s the first ready-to-drink iced coffee made with reduced fat milk. It’s only 70 calories and it comes in 7 different flavors. My job is to take their PR and social media presence to the next level.

The timing of it is perfect. It’s summer, so everyone’s thinking about their figure – and everyone drinks coffee. We even do nighttime events where we’ll add vodka and make RealBeanz martinis. Right now I do all the social media and PR. I’m really enjoying working from a company where I’m basically starting from scratch. There’s so much potential.

And what about guys? Do you feel ready to date again?
You know, I have a great job and I do freelance stuff on the side and I’m living in my own apartment in a neighborhood I love. If the right guy comes along, great. But I’m pretty happy with the way things are right now.

We have to ask, if you were offered a spot on Bachelor Pad, would you do it?
I’ll say this: I wasn’t any good at fighting for love – but I bet I’d do a hell of a lot better battling it out for money!

Make sure to check out and follow Jenna @theoveranaylst.

05.29.2012 / 12:27 AM EDT by Beth Sobol
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