Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 3: Kim Kardashian Wigs Out
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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 3: Kim Kardashian Wigs Out

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian have both lost their minds in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Season 7, Episode 3! What’s driven Kim to run around claiming she’s a spy named Natasha in a red wig? Let’s find out.

The episode begins with Kris showing up to her office in a flurry. Her assistant tries to calm her down and offer up her help, but Kris wants to take care of everything. This time it’s a trip to Costco, which she refuses to have her assistant take care of since it’s her “favorite” thing to do.

Also having a rough day is Kim, who gives Khloe a call to vent. Her divorce is getting prickly, she explains, because Kris Humphries is trying to make it difficult on her. Khloe reminds Kim that she still leads a very privileged life and should be enjoying it.

Later, Rob and Bruce Jenner get together to cook some meat. Rob was in England for a month and has scored a manufacturer for his sock company. Scott and Kourtney join the two and the subject of Rob’s house hunting interest comes up. Bruce offers up some tips — search for the area you want to live in first, then try to work out a place within it. Rob’s not paying much attention to Bruce, though.

Eventually, Khloe shows up for a day in L.A., and she’s excited to see the family until Kris Jenner shows up and ignores her completely. She spends the whole night eyeing her phone, and ends up leaving early with her two cell phones to handle some more of her business. Yikes!

Rob and Kris meet up for lunch and after joking about his shaving habits, the two get down to brass tax. He needs her help finding a place, but she already has enough on her plate. She offers to help, but her schedule is far from conducive. Bruce pitches in that he can help. It’ll take a load off of Kris, and it’ll give him a chance to teach Rob a thing or two. Rob doesn’t really want Bruce’s help, though. He thinks this is a mom job.

Kim, newly liberated from her talk with Khloe, takes pal Malika out to do some wig shopping. She’s inspired to have a little fun and feels very 007 in her blonde wig. This is bound to get interesting… “Being silly and trying on all these wigs,” she says, “reminds me of back in the day when Kourtney and I used to dress up.”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 3: Kim Kardashian Wigs Out
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Over at Babyface’s recording studio, Kris is discussing plans for the management company the two are currently collaborating on. She’s jarred by just how many meetings she’s had to get this thing in gear. Once the meeting is done, she jokes about recording her own song and having Babyface autotune it. “I wish you could autotune my whole life,” she adds. Yep. Someone needs a little break.

Kris then goes driving with Kendall and shows more signs of being overstressed. She lashes out at other drivers on the road “because they are idiots” and starts cursing them out. Kendall’s pretty embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Rob and Kourtney show up to check out a potential bachelor pad for him. It’s a nifty duplex with a hot tub and stainless steel appliances, and when they’re just about done checking it out, Bruce shows up. He’s surprised to find that they’ve already looked it over when he’s only a few minutes late. Rob admits that he has a hard time relating to Bruce.

Back at home, Kris shows up to a missed dinner. She’s got to go back out too. Bruce indicates that he’s sick of her schedule and the two quarrel over what time she’ll get home from her late meeting. “I’ll be as late as I need to,” she snaps.

Also losing her grip on reality is Kim, who shows up to meet Rob at a bookstore wearing a wig and Speaking with a southern accent. He is not amused by the behavior and sends her away. While she says the wig is “liberating,” he says it’s “just weird.”

On yet another mission is Kris, who’s brought Scott along on a rim-shopping mission for Kendall’s car. She’s impatient with the shopkeepers and Scott, and he gets a little irritated with her attitude. “This broad is out of her mind, and I’m worried,” he says. She proceeds to scare the living daylights out of him with her rash driving.

Meanwhile, Kim’s giving the heebie-jeebies to little Mason, who does not care very much for her red wig. Evidently, this is her Natasha the Spy ensemble. Scott and Kourtney are both confused and annoyed by her, but Kourtney thinks it may have something to do with her impending divorce. “This family really is going downhill quick, that’s not normal behavior,” Scott observes.

Bruce approaches Rob again about buying a house. He’s taken the time to scope out some local offerings and made a printout of potential places. Rob’s being a brat, though, and refuses the list. Poor Bruce! He was right — the man can’t get any respect around that place!

Kris, still with her nose to the grind, calls Kim to get her signature on some legal paperwork. Kim’s working though, and can’t make it to the office. Kris will have to drop everything and drive from Calabasas to L.A. because the docs are way too sensitive to be handled by a messenger. With what these Kardashians have been through with privacy invasions over the years, who could blame her? When she shows up to Kim’s hotel, she’s so swamped that she doesn’t even notice Kim in her red Natasha wig.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 3: Kim Kardashian Wigs Out
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

She does make it back in time for dinner with the family, staying on her Blackberry the whole time of course. So, Kris doesn’t notice when Rob starts blathering on about not having his dad around to be a father figure and help him with all this home-buying business. Bruce is obviously dejected by the whole discussion, and when he literally leans on his wife’s shoulder for support, she pays him no mind.

Kendall and Kylie agree to meet up with Kim for dinner, and when she shows up wearing a wig that makes her look exactly like Kris, the girls are understandably freaked out. They’re even more so when Kim starts emulating Kris’ attitude too. Oh man, this has gone too far.

Also out of hand is the stressed Kris, who leaves another dinner early to meet up with Babyface. After she leaves the room, Bruce brings up the elephant in it. “I think Mom’s working too hard,” he says. Astute observation, Olympian! Kendall tells the group about what Kris did in the car, raging out at other drivers. At that, Kourtney decides it’s time to stage a working intervention and get Kris some much-needed time off.

Meanwhile, the littlest man of the house shows that whether his Uncle Rob is grateful for Bruce or not, he sure loves his Grandpa. Glad someone shows Bruce a little love every now and then! Mason jumps off the table into Bruce’s arms a few times before Kourtney puts the kibosh on that little activity (for safety reasons).

She also ends Kris’ workday early by snatching away her cell phones and storing them in unmentionable locations. She instructs Kris to put on some sweatpants and relax for a while. Kris is hesitant, but when Kourtney brings in some backup — two of Kris’ closest friends — she gives in and has a few drinks with the girls by the fireplace. “I kind of like this doing nothing,” Kris admits.

That’s when Kim rolls up with another blonde wig. This time, she’s Britney. Oh boy. “I think we need to check Kim’s mind into an institution,” Kourtney says, but Kim insists she’s just having a little innocent fun. Kris asks if she’s having some sort of identity crisis, and that’s when Kim finally takes the wig off. Her natural hair is of course perfect underneath, and we’re glad to finally see it!

Kourtney finally returns Kris’ phones to her, and her mood shifts from night to day as the missed emails start pouring in. “This is exactly why I shouldn’t have turned off my phone,” she panics. After a few minutes, she realizes that her assistants are indeed capable of helping because they’ve resolved most of the issues coming through. Kourtney sits her down and explains that she’s stuck on the fast-forward button through life. So what if an email gets delayed until working hours the next day? Kris starts shedding a few tears over the realization that she’s missing things, and that’s when Kourtney tells her about what Rob said at dinner. She’s the one who’s supposed to make those kind of situations better, and Bruce was totally hurt by Rob’s words. Kourtney is clearly the most grounded Kardashian, by a long shot.

Kris takes Kourt’s advice and talks to Rob about what he said. She reminds him that Bruce was the one who taught him to ride a bike and stepped in to help raise him since he was 3. She pulls out a few home videos that Bruce made from his track meets, too. Rob realizes he’s been a jerk, so he goes to visit ole’ Bruce in the garage.

He apologizes for his rude behavior, and the two agree to work together on painting the new place he’s chosen. Rob realizes then that Bruce is the yin to Kris’ yang. She’s a spender, and he’s a bit cheap. It’s a balanced relationship, and he can benefit from both. “I would do it just because you’re my son,” Bruce tells him. Aw! That’s what we like to hear! All’s well that ends well.

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