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Revenge Season 2 Speculation: Who Is Amanda’s Baby Daddy?

Who else blacked out when Amanda and her baby bump showed up at The Stowaway on the Revenge season finale? Exactly.

We're completely traumatized by this latest plot twist (Mike Kelly, you evil genius, you!), mostly because the thought of Amanda raising a child is horrifying.

But before you get your panties in a twist about what Mandy's pregnancy means for Jack and Emily, let's break this thing down. Jack isn't the only hottie to sex up our favorite murderer, and we've rounded up the top three baby daddy suspects.

Tyler: This dearly departed psychopath held Amanda hostage in a barn for an entire day, and lord knows what they got up. Call us crazy, but we think Tyler could be Amanda's baby daddy — in which case, we suggest she sign her kid up for therapy ASAP.

Satoshi: Last time we saw Amanda, she was riding off into the great unknown with none other than Satoshi! Who else thinks these two were baking revenge buns in Amanda's oven while she was on vaycay?

Jack: We hate to say it, but Jack was all up in Amanda's danger zone while they lived together. Plus, he's so hirsute and virile that he could probably impregnate someone with a mere glance.

A random John: Amanda was an exotic dancer when Frank found her. We know very little about her life back then.

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05.29.2012 / 08:58 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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