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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager Recap of Season 4, Episode 23: “4SnP”

It's time for some girl-on-girl action, Secret Life lovers. Our favorite show loves to break down stereotypes, and this week we're dealing with lusty lady loving!

Turns out that almost everyone in Preggers City became bi-curious at the same time, and now not one, but three, of our favorite characters are getting their mack on with members of the same sex. Yes, please!

So, apparently the kids at Grant High have zero understanding of basic human biology. Peeps think that because Anne Juergens is kinda-maybe gay, it means her darling daughter, Amy, is also gay. Uhm, that's not really how it works, guys, but moving on.

Amy's peeved that her friends and family think she's a lesbian, and per usual she takes it out on Ricky by screaming at him for playing the drums. She even wants to take off school because she's so upset about the rumors, but instead she ends up shouting "I'm not gay!" down the hallway.

As Ricky The Wise says, "there's nothing wrong with being gay." True that, homeboy.

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On a different note — good news! Ashley's alive. Despite rumors that she was shacked up at Moulin Rouge / pregnant under a bridge, our favorite snarkster is back in Cali-Cali with Anne.

Also, we still have no idea whether or not Anne's a lesbian. Whatever floats your lady boat, Mrs. Juergens!

In other news, George is convinced that both his ex-wife and daughter are gay, and he has a long conversation with Nora and Griffin about whether or not the 4th of July is a "gay holiday." You know, because apparently hot dogs are gay. No words for this convo, gang. No words.

Meanwhile, Ashley forces the Griffster to spill the beans about Amy, and now she's convinced that her older sister likes girls. It also seems like she might have the hots for Ricky! Watch your back, Amy — Ashley has her eye on the prize!

Girls Just Wanna Have PG-13 Fun

If we know one thing about Grace, it's that there isn't a set of lips at Grant High she hasn't smooched. Ben, Grant, Ricky, Jack, Daniel –– all these boys have snacked on Grace's cookies, and at this point she's run out of viable options.

Enter Adrian, who is more than willing to get sexpirimental with her bestie!

Adrian's upset because Omar won't let her mack on other dudes for an entire week, so clearly she has no choice but to hit up her fellow females. She tells Grace about her urge to kiss Angelina Jolie, which prompts Grace to reveal her fantasies about kissing Adrian. Woah!

Of course, now Grace is paranoid that Adrian thinks she's gay, so she hits up Daniel for a brief makeout session in order to prove her straight-ness.

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Adrian sees right through Grace's scheme, and she's convinced The Cookie Monster is gay. The solution to this problem? A round of tonsil hockey, duh.

Adrian and Grace decide to get everything out in the open by locking lips — and how does Grace react? By running away in fear and begging Jack to sex her up.

Stop fighting it, Grace. The era of Gradrian is upon us!

In other news, Alice wants to hook up with Henry "as friends," but all Henry wants is to see her with another girl. Figures!

High School Sweethearts

Looks like Ben is still suffering from his fatal attraction to Dylan, who's putting major pressure on him to switch schools. Poor dude has no idea what to do (obvious answer: Don't make life-changing decisions for your girlfriend of one-month), so he asks Leo to let him apply to private school.

Hah, as if. Leo's too busy pimpin' out Betty's dorm room to have time for Ben's insanity, which leaves Benny no choice but to charge the school application fee to his credit card. We have a bad feeling about this, guys.

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