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16 and Pregnant Recap of Season 4, Episode 12: Kristina Robinson

It's been a long season of tears, laughter, and contractions (we ate a lot of pizza), and how has MTV reward us? By serving up the most emotional episode of 16 and Pregnant yet!

Let's just say we were curled up in the fetal position covered in potato chips and pregnancy tests by the time this bad boy ended.

Baby Blues

Kristina's a regular teenage gal like the rest of us (OK, fine ... we aren't teenagers), but one huge difference? Her fiance, John Todd Hight Jr., died in a dangerous riptide during a beach vaycay when Kristina was just a few months pregnant. Annnnd, cue hysterical weeping.

Poor Kristina is devastated during the aftermath of Todd's death, so she moves in with her sister, Dotty, who's married to Todd's brother, Daniel.

Even though Dotty and Daniel are super supportive, Kristina isn't emotionally equipped to deal with her fiance's death — especially because her guilt-ridden mom keeps wanting her to revisit the day he passed away.

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Kristina's smothered by her emotions, and she doesn't want to burden any of her grief-stricken family members with her feelings.

She decides to take a load off by getting her GED instead of finishing high school, which is probably a good idea — at least for now!

The Stork Comes Early!

After a particularly terrible fight with her mom, Kristina wakes up in the middle of the night with painful stomach cramps, so she heads to the hospital and finds out that she's in early labor.

Girlfriend is only seven months pregnant, and it's unsafe for her baby to be delivered so early — he's not even three pounds!

The solution? Kristina has to stay on hospital bed rest for over a month until the baby is big enough to be delivered safely. Talk about a summer bummer.

After a few miserable weeks in the hospital, Kristina finally lets go of her pent-up emotions and has a total breakdown about how much she misses Todd. So heartbreaking, someone pass the tissues!

Luckily, Kiki's friends decide to cheer her up with a surprise baby shower in the waiting room, and even better? The baby has grown enough that it's safe to give Kristina a c-section!

Welcome to the world, Baby Lukas!

Homeward Bound!

Kristina's head-over-heels in love with her baber, and she spends every moment she can with him until she's discharged from the hospital. Poor gal lives almost an hour away from her little dude, and being apart from him brings up some painful memories about the day Todd died.

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Luckily, Baby Lukas is able to come home after three weeks in intensive care, and everyone can't believe how much he looks like Todd! Sigh ... bittersweet.

As much as Kristina loves her kiddo, she still misses her fiance, so she starts seeing a therapist to dish her feelings. Shockingly, Kristina says she wishes she had died with Todd, and describes herself as "numb."

The therapist encourages her to get her emotions on the table, so she meets up with Todd's mom and reveals her plans to go back to school.

Get it, gal pal! Todd would definitely be proud.

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