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Rachel Berry’s Last Glee Scene Ever: Ryan Murphy Teases What’s in Store

If we had to choose one Glee character who craves fame and super-stardom more than any other, there’s no doubt it would be Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).

Not only has she coveted the spotlight practically since birth, but Rachel has proved time and time again that she refuses to give up on her dreams — no matter what obstacles might get in the way.

So will the Glee diva accomplish all of her goals in the end? Will she end her time on the show as a star, or might the trials and challenges of life ultimately end up getting in the way?

Creator Ryan Murphy knows the answer to that question, he’s just not ready to reveal it yet!

First of all, Rachel’s time on the show is far from over. Lea Michele has already made it clear that her character is “definitely going to be a part of Glee for a very long time.” Ryan confirmed as much in a recent Vulture interview, where he talks about the excitement of writing a “multi-year arc” for characters like Rachel.

“Rachel Berry, meeting her as you did, hopefully by the end of her journey she will be a star,” he tells the mag. “That’s a very long, long period. That’s harder, because you don’t get instant satisfaction.”

That said, Ryan has already made the decision about what Rachel’s future will ultimately hold. “I know where she’ll end up; I know what the last scene will be.”

We know this last scene is still far away, but what do you think will be in store? A Tony acceptance speech, a Broadway debut, Christmas Eve with a bunch of baby Finchels running around? Head to the comments and sound off with your best guess!

Source: Vulture

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05.30.2012 / 03:02 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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