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Revenge Season 2 Spoilers: Will Emily Target Ashley?

In the Revenge season finale, Emily Thorne lost both her fiance, Daniel Grayson, and the man she loves, Jack Porter. And before their engagement was even a few hours dead, Daniel seemed to move on ... to Emily's former best friend, Ashley!

He needed comfort; she's an ambitious social climber. It's even possible Daniel and Ashley are the couple who gets married in the Revenge season 2 premiere.

"This whole Ashley bit with Daniel is going to play out in a really fun way for us next season," teases creator Mike Kelley.

Being with someone like Ashley could foreshadow Daniel's evolution into, well, his father.

"He’s not a pawn any longer. He’s made some pretty dark choices, and I don’t think that feeling misled by Emily is going to make him any nicer," Kelley says. "We’re going to continue the ride to the dark side with Daniel."

But how will Emily feel about this match made in Hamptons hell?

"Emily is kind of the odd man out now, right? That’s not going to sit well with her," he notes.

"I think Ashley is going to get perilously close to making herself a target to Emily. You know, the fun thing with Ashley is that there are some surprises that we’ve been holding on her. I can’t wait to bring to light something about Ashley that will make everyone go, '"Oh! That’s why she’s hanging on!'"

More surprises? We hope our hearts can take them!

Source: EW

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