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The Bachelorette

Ashley Hebert’s Bachelorette Blog: Ryan Has an Honesty Problem, Sean Is Emily in Man Form

Ashley Hebert knows all about the wondrous adventure that is The Bachelorette, and she has some major inside perspective about Emily Maynard's fleet of eligible bachelors. In short, she feels "meh" about Chris, doesn't get good vibrations from Ryan, and loves herself some Arie and Sean.

Chris: "Don't get me wrong, he seems like a really nice guy, and he's attractive, but Emily is in a different league than him," Ashley writes in her Parade Magazine blog. "No question. Is my TV screen playing tricks on me? Even though Emily gives Chris a hard time for only being 25, Chris seems to be wise beyond his years. He's a good guy, but I was missing the sparks!"

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Ryan: "I got a really bad vibe of the latter with him this week," Ashley writes. "On top of that, he told Emily he would not be okay if she gained weight as they got older. I understand trying to be 'real' and honest, but he could have been honest in a better way."

Sean: "He seems like he has such a kind heart, good morals, and they would make super cute babies! What do you think?" Ashley asks. "As I see it, Sean is a male version of Emily. I can see these two really hitting it off. Plus, he got the rose on the group date, so Emily agrees!"

Arie: "Emily and Arie have such a real attraction and connection, it's palpable," Ash dishes. "He seems super genuine with his answers. There really is nothing to not like about Arie at this point. On top of the good conversation, their kissing is STEAMY. Emily looks like a really great kisser! Am I allowed to say that?"

Sounds like Ashley has Emily's best interests at heart! We concur that Arie and Sean are stud material — and let's get real. Everyone thinks Emily's a great kisser.

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