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James Franco Disses HBO’s Girls!

You'd think James Franco's frequent collaborations with Girls producer Judd Apatow would mean that he would have nice things to say about the show. You'd be wrong. (Then again, when does James Franco ever do what people expect?)

In a Huffington Post editorial, James who, in a year's span, earned an Oscar nomination for 127 Hours and a Razzie nomination for Your Highness ripped Girls apart, especially for its "sorry representation of men." He says that the show's male characters are "the biggest bunch of losers," and he has trouble enjoying the show because he can't see himself in it.

Among his other complaints were about the show's lack of diversity, along with the fact that Hannah should just "get a f**king job" already. Okay, so it's hard to disagree with that last one.

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But perhaps the most fascinating tidbit that James lets slip during his rant? In proving that he doesn't dislike all female-centric entertainment, he mentions that he "watched Steel Magnolias incessantly in junior high." Yeah — let that nugget of awesomeness sink in for a moment. Can you picture James Franco, curled up on the couch and bawling his eyes out while watching Dolly Parton and Julia Roberts? We can't either.

So do you agree with James? Frankly, we're big fans of the show, and it's hard to expect every single character on a show to be interesting and well-developed. And may we also point out that James himself has chosen to appear in a fair share of projects that no one would refer to as character-driven. (Spiderman 3, anyone?) In fact, let's hope his upcoming film Spring Breakers has a lot more depth than the stills from the film's set would lead us to believe. Just sayin'!

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post

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05.31.2012 / 07:45 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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