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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Music Roundup: All the Singles Released by the Stars Over the Years

Believe it or not, Pauly D is not the only Jersey Shore star with musical ambitions. All four of the GTL masters on the show has released a single at some point in their careers as reality TV stars. Today (May 30) marked Ronnie’s debut. After reviewing the following list of singles, we really think one of the guidettes on the show should give this singing thing a try. So far, with one exception, the boys haven’t exactly struck gold.

Pauly’s first single after signing with 50 Cent was “Night of My Life.” Watch the video here. “Night of My Life” debuted as the theme song for The Pauly D Project, and the video shows Pauly playing DJ as Dash sings in the background. Read Dash’s perspective in Wetpaint Entertainment’s exclusive interview here.

But Pauly’s first attempt at recording his own original music didn’t go nearly as well. After releasing “(It’s Time to) Beat Dat Beat” in 2010, AOL released a list of the 100 Worst Songs Ever, giving the (dis)honorable #1 spot to Pauly’s debut.

Ronnie’s debut in the music single world was released today (May 30), and is titled “How the F**k We Gettin’ Home?!” The not-exactly-eloquent title combined with the obscure music mixing platform Songster don’t spell millions of dollars to us, but we’re nevertheless happy whenever one of our Jersey Shore stars comes out with a new product.

Vinny may have had the most disastrous music single debut with “Rack City Mix” late last year. After rapping about rape in a joking way, activist groups criticized him and eventually, Vinny had to apologize. He insisted that he’s a “good boy.”

Of course it was The Situation who started this whole thing. In June 2010, Mike released a rap song in collaboration with Fatman Scoop, DJ Class, and The Disco Fries. The song’s title? “The Situation.” Perfect.

Catch the premiere of Snooki and JWOWW’s new spin-off on Thursday, June 21 on MTV.

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