Madeleine Stowe Opens Up About Quitting Hollywood
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Madeleine Stowe Opens Up About Quitting Hollywood

Say you're a hot Hollywood actress with a string of hugely popular and successful movies. What do you next?

Madeleine Stowe decided to quit and move to a farm.

"I’d worked with the best filmmakers on the planet,” she tells More magazine about the early 1990s, when she starred in Last of the Mohicans, Short Cuts, and Twelve Monkeys.

"But there were other things I wanted to do, other lives I wanted to live. I just got to the point where I wanted to be somewhere else.”

That somewhere else was a ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas, where she and husband Brian Benben kept horses and raised battle. Her ranch manager, Carolyn Kyle, recalls, "Maddy was always in jeans, a flannel shirt, a straw hat and sunglasses.”

That's a far cry from the Madeleine Stowe who wears form-fitting bandage dresses and shoots icy glares on Revenge. Her performance as Victoria Grayson earned her a Golden Globe nomination last winter -- along with some whispers and sidelong glances.

"I think they are a little scared of my character," she explains.

But as frightening as Victoria can be, Madeleine was so drawn to the charater that she overruled her previous decision to quit acting.

Particularly, she appreciates "her capacity to love but to be so damaged that she would in essence annihilate herself and the person that she loved at the same time.”

Source: More

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