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The Bachelor

Michael Stagliano’s Bachelorette Blog: Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Can Kiss!

The Bachelor Pad 2 winner Michael Stagliano shared his take on Emily Maynard and her thinning herd of suitors in The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 3. The perpetual optimist that Michael is, he had lots of positive ALL CAPS commentary — with plenty of snark sprinkled on top.

Right out of the gate, Michael’s not swooning quite as hard over Chris Bukowski as Emily is, admitting, “He isn’t a standout to me.” Michael adds, “I dislike when guys say the sentence, ‘I’m a man.’ I am of the opinion that that is something ‘shown’ not something that is ‘told.’” Coming from a guy with so much to say, we’re thinking it might be wise to take Michael’s advice on when to keep your mouth shut. (Ahem, Alessandro.)

Perhaps Michael’s too preoccupied with freshly-eliminated Stevie to give Chris a chance? He fully admits, ”Is it bad that I was fixated on what Stevie was going to be wearing, and whether or not we were going to get to see him “dance” again?” Once Michael witnesses Stevie’s pop-lock-a-thon in the park, he concedes, “Ladies, on behalf of all men, I apologize…we can dance better than that.” Except forTony Pieper, it would seem.

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But we should give Tony a pass on his dance moves since he was in the midst of a emotional breakdown turned cry-spiral. Michael sums it up well, “Tony is weepy. He is also sad. Additionally, he misses his son. Furthermore, Tony is cries. Lastly, Tony goes home.”

More stray observations from Michael:

John “Wolf” Wolfner: Incapable of doing an interview without swearing.
Ryan Bowers: Has a little cockiness/competitiveness that is NOT working for him.

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Arie Luyendyk, Jr.: I am not one to rate if a guy can kiss or not. But damn, I think Arie can kiss. I am sure many ladies would test out my theory. (Yes, we would, Michael.)
Kalon McMahon: (When he asks race-car driver Arie, ” So you can drive stick shift right?”) That’s like asking a dentist if he knows how to brush his teeth. (ZING!)
Sean Lowe: a seemingly unknown from the last two episodes, is awesome, and steps up HUGE.

Read his full blog for more fun reactions from The Stag.

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05.31.2012 / 03:26 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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