The Ladies of Miss Advised Dish About Their New Bravo Series — Exclusive!
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The Ladies of Miss Advised Dish About Their New Bravo Series — Exclusive!

As sex and relationship experts, the three stars of Bravo’s new series, Miss Advised, are used to doling out love advice to others. But how well do they fare when it comes to critiquing their own affairs of the heart? That’s what remains to be seen as the three pals — LA-based relationship and media guru Julia Allison, NYC matchmaker Amy Laurent, and San Francisco “sexpert” Emily Morse — struggle to maneuver the dating scene in their respective cities.

In a group interview, the three ladies opened up to Wetpaint Entertainment about why they decided to do the show, what they’ve learned from the experience… and why Miss Advised is different that anything other Bravo dating show out there!

Wetpaint Entertainment: All three of you have careers that involve helping other people find and navigate relationships. What made you decide to do a show about your own love lives?
Emily: We’re experts, but we’re people, too. We’re also on journeys that keeps us growing and changing constantly. This seemed like a really great opportunity for me to learn about myself.

Amy: Right, we’re never done learning. Anyone who thinks, “Oh, I’m the expert and I know everything,” has got it wrong. You should always be challenging yourself. That’s how you become a better leader.

Also, I think women will identify with us. Yes, I’m the expert and I’ve had a lot of success, but just because I’m an expert doesn’t mean I’m perfect. This was my chance to put that out there and say, “Yes, this is my passion and this is what I do best, but I have fears and vulnerabilities to work on, just like you.”

It wasn’t easy for us to expose our flaws. At the end of the day, people are either going to love us or hate us for it — but one thing’s for sure, we don’t walk around acting like our poop doesn’t stink!

Julia: That’s exactly how I feel. For the longest time, I was under the misguided impression that I was exceptionally talented at dating. The irony there is hysterical. Not to be a cliché, but it’s been a teachable moment for me. I had to see through other people’s eyes that I was making mistakes.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Bravo already has a few dating shows out there. What makes Miss Advised different from the rest?
Amy: This show is different because it’s not about our clients or fans or our followers or anyone else. It’s about us. We’re showing that we’re out there, too.

Julia: Right, and I also want to say that one of the comparisons that’s being made to our show is Sex and the City. But the thing is, Sex and the City never really talked about the impact that Carrie’s career as an expert had on her personal life. And it does affect your personal life. It dramatically affects it. Excuse my language, but it can really f—k things up!

Amy: Tell me about it. You know how hard it is when you meet a guy at the bar and he asks what you do and you tell him you’re a matchmaker?

Emily: It’s also different in that we don’t interact. You will just get into our three separate stories. So there’s no catfights or anything like that. It’s more of a docu-drama.

Julia: And honestly, there’s so much inherent drama in dating, there doesn’t need to be any drama between the three of us. We’re in our heads enough about the men in our lives…we don’t need to be fighting with each other!

Miss Advised premieres Monday, June 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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