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Watch or Skip? Snow White and the Huntsman Brings the Thrills, But the Acting…

Snow White and the Huntsman is one of our most highly anticipated movies of the summer. Between the beautiful trailers, the fairy tale themes, and the awesome cast — Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron? Yes please! — there's a lot going for it.

The movie hits theaters tomorrow, Friday June 1, 2012, so reviews are rolling out. And we're sad to say they haven't been as overwhelmingly positive as we'd hoped. To help you decide if Snow White is worthing shelling out your money for this weekend instead of just seeing The Avengers for the third time, we've rounded up four of the most telling reviews of the flick.

  • Roger Ebert calls it "a film of astonishing beauty and imagination," lavishing praise on the locations and special effects. He does admit that it "falters in its storytelling, because Snow White must be entirely good, the Queen must be entirely bad, and there's no room for nuance," but says the ride is still a good one.
  • Salon thinks it's an " exhilarating and entertaining" "unexpected summer delight" that, despite a number of "missteps," eventually "swept me up into its geeky but manly embrace and carried me away on a white charger."
  • The Hollywood Reporter calls the movie "a bold rethinking of a familiar old story" and compliments the "striking design elements" and "riveting" visuals, but thinks "a draggy midsection and undeveloped characters" holds it back.
  • Entertainment Weekly gave it a C+, calling it a "tastefully overbearing franchise fairy tale" that is "heavy-handed"; Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth's performances also failed to thrill this critic.

    Ebert and Salon seem to like the film overall, while THR and EW were not too impressed. But all four reviews — and many others as well — actually seem to boil down to the same thing: The movie is big on visual style and thrills, but low on storytelling substance and narrative momentum. So if you go in expecting an iffy story dressed up in striking visuals you're more likely to come out happy.

    Will you go see Snow White and the Huntsman? Let us know in the comments below.

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    05.31.2012 / 10:52 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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