Did Emily Maynard Misunderstand Alessandro Goulart’s “Compromise” Comment on The Bachelorette?
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The Bachelorette

Did Emily Maynard Misunderstand Alessandro Goulart’s “Compromise” Comment on The Bachelorette?

Alessandro Goulart was not good husband material for Emily Maynard. No language barrier kept that from being clear. On The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 3 he told Emily’s friends he lives like a gypsy and doesn’t even have time to take care of a pet. And that’s not even mentioning his relationship with his third cousin, his admission of cheating in the past and his status as an amateur vampire detector. The guy didn’t belong there at all.

That said, Emily was most upset by the idea that Alessandro saw herself and Ricki as a “compromise” and it’s possible the Brazilian grain merchant’s word was misinterpreted.

A viewer named Kaitlin commented under Bachelor Pad 1 winner Natalie Getz’s TV Fanatic recap, in which Nat dissed Alessandro as “just flat out the most disgusting, creepiest person I have ever seen.”

Kaitlin wrote, “While I don't think Alessandro is the right guy for Emily I do think there was a bit of a language barrier. In both Portuguese and Spanish ‘compromisso’ (one S in Spanish) can be translated to either compromise or commitment/responsibility. I think this was a case of a false cognate sinking an already leaky ship.”

So, maybe Alessandro was just speaking of Em and Ricki as a commitment or responsibility — and that’s what Emily is looking for: a serious commitment from a responsible potential husband/father. In his exiting limo interview, Alessandro sounded frustrated because he was a gypsy and did see Em and Ricki as a compromise, but he was willing to make that compromise. Was she too hard on him to be so angry about his terminology?

True, Em and Alessandro went over that conversation a few times to clarify and Alessandro even said he was making himself clear and it wasn’t a language barrier; for him, adding a wife and daughter to his life would mean giving up a lot of things. Horrible thing to say ... or fair enough? Instantly adding a child to your life would entail some compromises for anyone, as it surely meant compromises for Emily when she went from child free to pregnant with Ricki. Is that really such an insult? Em’s eventual Chosen One is going to join his life to theirs — not just squeeze himself into their existing world and declare it his “honor.” Aren’t Em and Ricki prepared to make some compromises of their own for their husband/stepdad? (Not that it was ever going to be Alessandro.)

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Source: TVFanatic.com

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