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The Bachelor

Kacie Boguskie’s Bachelorette Blog: Ryan Bowers’ Fat Comment Was Just a Joke!

Bachelor alum Kacie Boguskie has been busily blogging about the new season of The Bachelorette. The insight of someone who’s been behind the scenes before is like none other — and Kacie’s southern sweetness doesn’t hurt either! We rounded up all of Kacie’s priceless commentary on Episode 3 of Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette.

When it comes to the play date at the park, Kacie really felt like the guys got more than they bargained for — first, an interrogation by Emily’s friends, then they’re besieged by a gaggle of kids all amped up and ready to play! She says, “These poor boys think they’re going to get to play sports today. Not the case at all! One day they’ll learn, the date card means nothing.”

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Nobody knows better that date cards can be misleading than Ryan Bowers, who scored the first date with Emily — only to be enlisted to help her in the kitchen, baking cookies. Perhaps that’s why he’s so concerned with Emily’s weight? Kacie rises to his defense: “Ryan is going to get a bad wrap for his “fat” comment, but he was just being funny! Everyone is going to need to lighten up here a little bit and take a joke. We’re still keeping Travis around and he has an egg… come on!” Good point, Kacie.

More stray observations from Kacie:

On Emily’s reaction to Chris Bukowski’s age: If he acts older than his age, it’s not a red flag.

On Kalon McMahon: RED FLAGS all over the place… Wants his first kid to be his own (not going to be possible) and THEN he asks her to not interrupt him AND THEN his mother has told him he can’t control everything even though he likes to…take them and RUN. Run faster than Forrest Gump!

On Alessandro Goulart: He was honest, but he just did not handle any of the questions well. Poor buddy, you can’t say compromise about a child…he may need to invest in a thesaurus ASAP!

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On Tony Pieper: I just wanted to hug Tony, he’s really missing his son, and I respect Emily for sending him home, he needs to be with his son.

On Sean Lowe: Wow, he’s a total package!

Read her full blog for more Southern-tinged sweetness from Kacie.

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06.1.2012 / 01:46 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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