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Who Is The Mystery Blonde Michael C. Hall Is Holding Hands With? Is Dexter Dating Again?

That's funny, we don’t remember giving Michael C. Hall permission to move on. (He’s ours, dang it. OURS!) MCH and his Dexter co-star/ex-wife Jennifer Carpenter (pictured below) split at the end of 2011, then just a few months ago it looked like they were back together.

So who is this blond woman RumorFix saw with Michael on Thursday? According to their story, "Dexter’s Michael C. Hall was photographed having a good ole time with a young blonde in Los Angeles. In this picture, Michael has his arm around his gal pal and in other pictures they are holding hands, laughing and smiling while they walk down the street in LA.”

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At least he got rid of the weird facial hair. He looks good again. Too good to be dating someone else. Listen, he and Jennifer don't have to stay together forever, but if he's going to move on, it should be right here. Just sayin'.

In related Dexter news, The Hollywood Reporter says Swedish actress Katia Winter has been cast as a Russian stripper who works as a Miami club. As they added, Dexter's Season 7 will premiere on Sept. 30 and production began this month in Los Angeles.

Just to enter the realm of wild speculation, do you think MCH was just hanging out with co-star Katia? It wouldn't be unheard of for him to get friendly with a co-star.

Sources: RumorFix, The Hollywood Reporter

06.1.2012 / 07:05 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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