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Bones Season 8: The Top 5 Things We Want To See Happen!

Bones' dramatic Season 7 has come to a close, and now our only comfort is pizza, potato chips, human remains, and the hope that Season 8 will be completely amazing. Check out 5 things we want to see when Bones returns to the small screen, including — but not limited to — more B & B love-making, natch.

1. Brennan On The Lam!
Remember how Brennan (Emily Deschanel) ditched Booth (David Boreanaz) and sped off into the sunset to live life as a fugitive genius with great hair? We know it's only a matter of time before her name is cleared and she's allowed to come back to Washington D.C. — but until then we look forward to an adventure-fueled road trip! Fingers crossed that wigs are involved. Baby Christine would look great with a bob.

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2. The Triumphant Return Of Zack
Oh, Zack Addy. Nerdy, brilliant, and vaguely attractive despite the high watered pants and virginal innocence. We were horrified when Brennan's number one squintern turned out to be a deranged accessory to murder/cannibalism, and we'd love to see him get released from his mental institution so he can once again suckle at the Jeffersonian's bosom.

3. The Rise Of Baby Christine
The era of Baby Christine is upon us. Ever since this small child was birthed in a manger, she's had a chip on her shoulder, and we have a feeling she's the direct reason for all Brennan and Booth's problems. Think about it — before KiKi was born, only one person was brutally murdered per week in our nation's capital. Now, the entire country is going to hell. Can't wait to see this baber make more trouble next season!

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4. More Sex Between Everyone
Back in Bones' hayday, people were having sex all over the place. No literally, Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) polluted almost every room in the Jeffersonian. Apparently, 2012 is the year of sexual repression and PG-13 smooches, because it's been months since any of our favorite couples have done the dirty. Don't even get us started on Booth and Brennan's sexless relationship, mmmk? Here's to hoping that next season will be slightly more frisky!

5. Cam's Personal Life
At this point we're starting to think Cam (Tamara Taylor) is a robot who powers down when everyone leaves the Jeffersonian at 5:00. Throw the lady a bone (LOL!) and show us her personal life, Hart Hanson! Come on, Cam must do something after hours...what ever happened to her gynecologist boyfriend? Surely she’s due for a check-up!

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06.2.2012 / 12:44 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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