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Dancing With The Stars

Elisabetta Canalis on Ex-Boyfriend Steve-O: Her Temper, His Addictions Drove Them Apart

Elisabetta Canalis wants another shot with Steve-O. The two Dancing With the Stars vets — who competed on different seasons — broke up after only four months together and she told Italian magazine A some of the reasons why.

"He is an open wound," Elisabetta told A (via of Steve-O and his addictions. "He was in a fragile state, and I came into his life like a tractor."

He's been clean since 2008 but she said not all is resolved with that. She attended support group meetings with him, but just even having a bottle of wine on the table could stress him out as so much of a temptation. On top of that, she's a fiery Italian woman used to drama, whereas American men like Steve-O (and her ex George Clooney) are "frightened easily" by stuff like that.

"Italians are used to drama. For us, arguing, shouting is perfectly normal — for them it is inconceivable … I once threw a telephone in the face of a boyfriend who was sleeping. I get really angry and then it eases off."

Ha! She doesn't feel like her relationship with Steve-O is over yet, so here's hoping they can get past their differences and work something out. They always seemed like an odd couple, but whatever works.