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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: New Details on Filming in New York City!

By now, it’s official. Part of Glee Season 4 will take place in Lima, Ohio, as usual — and part of it will take place smack dab in the middle of New York City!

We can’t help but wonder, though: How exactly is that going to work? With different characters in different cities leading different lives, forming one cohesive storyline does seem like a bit of a stretch.

Luckily, TV Line has a bit of insight into how it all might go down. Though spoiler king Michael Ausiello warns that this general framework is still “subject to change” before Season 4 premieres next fall, his understanding is that the current plan will be to take “a Lost-like approach to Season 4 — devoting whole episodes to one location or the other.

He continues, “In other words, the premiere might be set at NYADA with Rachel and Kurt, while Episode 2 could focus on the first day back at McKinley.” (Note: Either, Ausiello hasn't seen who made it in to NYADA on tonight's Glee episode... or he has some inside scoop the rest of us don't know about yet. Honestly, we're seriously hoping for the latter!)

Yet, since Glee films in Los Angeles, won’t it be difficult to devote so much time to NYC? If Rachel (and Kurt??) really are going to be prancing around Times Square every other week, that’s not exactly the sort of scenery you can replicate on a soundstage in LA.

Nor will Glee be trying to! “We’re coming to New York,” creator Ryan Murphy tells TV Line. “Nothing is in stone, because we’re still budgeting, but I would love to come once every five weeks and shoot a lot of scenes there. We are 100 percent doing that; we’re not going to do it all on a soundstage..”

We can’t wait to see the results!

Source: TV Line

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06.3.2012 / 08:30 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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