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3 Ways Revenge’s Victoria Grayson Could Have Survived the Plane Crash

The Revenge powers that be aren't afraid to take lives, but Victoria's apparent death during the season 1 finale left us curled up in the fetal position wailing "Herve Leger" into a bag of shrimp-flavored chips. In other words, we're completely traumatized.

Luckily, we were able to dry our tears for long enough to come up with three ways the Hamptons' reigning ice queen might have survived her horrific plane crash!

1. She Went Into Witness Protection

Victoria arranged for the SEC to give her full immunity in exchange for evidence that would bring down Grayson Global, which could include a witness protection program.

It's possible that Victoria publicly boarded the plane, only to leave through the "back door" and give her testimony in an undisclosed location. Bwahahaha, in your face, White-Haired Man! Speaking of ....

2. She Was Working With The White-Haired Man

We have no idea who The White-Haired Man is, or why he has such expensive taste in torture chairs, but he definitely has his own agenda.

TWHM seems to hate Conrad almost as much as Victoria does, which begs the question: Could Vicki be working with this frosty tipped sociopath?

If so, she might have blown up the plane in order to murder Lydia. What? Conrad's oozing sexuality is totally worth killing for.

3. She Changed Her Mind about Testifying

Thanks to Victoria walking toward her doom in slow-motion, we were able to see every expression on her face as she approached the plane.

This lady definitely knew what was up (evil genius instincts), and we think it's possible that she peaced out and left the airport before everything blew up in her face. Literally.

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06.4.2012 / 09:31 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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