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The Bachelorette

Ashley and JP on Their Big Move, Being More in Love Than Ever, and Why Jef Holm Is So Cool — Exclusive!

It's been a whirlwind year for former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her fiancé, JP Rosenbaum. It was only fitting that the the two spent Memorial Day weekend in Mexico, celebrating their one-year anniversary at the ME Cancun resort, where they relaxed by the pool, took romantic walks on the beach, and partied at Rose Bar. But they took a few minutes away from the beach and pool to give an exclusive chat about their gorgeous getaway, plans for the future, and their new frontrunner to win Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette.

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How has your trip been so far?

Ashley: Amazing. This is only my second time in Mexico. We might buy a home here! [laughs] It's been awesome and super relaxing, which is what we wanted for our anniversary — something romantic, and to get away from real life and the daily grind. We live in midtown Manhattan, so it's crazy and intense. This is like the complete opposite of that.
JP: For months and months, we haven't been able to put everything on hold and just enjoy each other and relax, and not worry about anything. I haven't had that since the show — since life just doesn't exist outside the show when you're doing it — and here, I've been totally stress-free. They make it very easy here.
Ashley: They've been so good to us! It's really seamless. Everything we wanted to do in this little getaway is here. We don't have to venture out. The people are so nice. You can have that spring break, pool party-type vibe, or you can just go out to dinner on the beach. Everything you want is here.

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You got a lesson in DJing from DJ Price, right? How was it?

JP: We knew about him from New York. He's very talented. It's one of those things we didn't get to experience at home.
Ashley: As soon as he started, I was like, "Oh, he's awesome!" And he kept getting better and better. He was super nice. [laughs] We're actually going to be spinning in New York when we get back.
JP: I don't think people "spin" anymore, babe.
Ashley: No, we're gonna smash it. The 1s and the 2s? Is that right?

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A year is such a big milestone in your relationship. Any reflections on that?

Ashley: I'm just happy that we made it here. There's a lot of pressure when you leave the show. We met so quickly, and here we are already engaged. It's just a huge relief to know that I was right about my instincts, about what we had. A year later, we still feel just the same way. We have an even stronger relationship. For me, it's like, we made it!
JP: We've gotten so comfortable with each other. Yes, it's been a year, but it feels like longer than that. We just keep getting happier.
Ashley: It's been a great first year.
JP: It's been a lot of firsts. Finishing school, moving to New York, finding a new place, getting into a residency, finding a place in Jersey. One step after another, and we're finally gonna be able to settle down for a bit.

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You're just about to move out to New Jersey — what's your place like?

Ashley: It's nice! It's in a huge complex. It's just a one-bedroom, fairly standard, super quaint and cozy. Away from all the hustle and bustle. We can walk outside. There's a pond, a place to walk the dog. It's just gonna be so peaceful!
JP: Suburbia!
Ashley: We have a car now!

Ashley, you're about to start a residency, right?
Ashley: Yes! I'm starting a pediatric dental residency. It's a couple years. It's in north Philadelphia, at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. After that I'll have my certificate in pediatric dentistry, so hopefully I'll start working or maybe open up my own practice.

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Is it going to be a challenge to juggle that with the media attention?

JP: I don't think so. It hasn't been so intense after the show — that was the bulk of it.
Ashley: I also think we're escaping it, moving outside of New York. I feel like we have the choice to do it as much or as little as we want to, which is really nice. But it's definitely more positive. The media has been more positive and influential in our life than negative.

JP, what are you working on next?
JP: I'm finishing a project out on Long Island which will be done in the next few months. I don't know where they'll have me next. There's a few more in the pipeline, maybe in the Bronx, Manhattan, or Queens — we've got a few coming up. I've got a couple months for them to figure out where they're going to put me. I'm going to stick with the current company and move onto the next project, and continue to learn.

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What do you guys think of the new season of The Bachelorette so far?

Ashley: I think it's good. Emily is gorgeous, and she never has a dull moment, and I think she's carrying herself pretty well. A lot of people were worried that she would be shy, but I think she's doing a great job. I'm not in love with a lot of the guys.
JP: You had your turn.
Ashley: I have a couple favorites. Usually there's about five that I really like.

Who are the frontrunners?
Ashley: We like the same guys. We like one-F Jef. He's great. We like Doug, the one that's the father. Who else do we like? We like Ryan.
JP: I'm terrible with names.
Ashley: Ryan's the muscular guy, babe. With dark hair. We like Arie…

Jef seems like a real person. A good guy.
Ashley: I think so. He reminds me a little bit of JP. The cool, calm, down-to-earth real guy. He's not trying too hard. I think Jef's our number one guy right now — but we like Arie, too.
JP: I'm watching it a little differently. This is my first Bachelorette, outside of our season, so I know what's going on behind the scenes. I like to see how that plays a factor. It's nice to get to watch and not have to worry about how you're going to be portrayed.
Ashley: It's so awesome. There's no stress.
JP: It's fun this time around. We get to live-tweet it.
Ashley: Yeah!

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