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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Is She or Isn’t She? Will Anne Juergens Come Out?

The answer to life's most puzzling question is almost upon us: Is Secret Life of the American Teenager's Anne Juergens a lesbian?

Amy's mamasita is never without a yummy bite of man candy by her side (usually George "Meat Lover" Juergens, sigh), but word on the street is that her trip to Paris put her in the mood for lady love.

It all started when Anne was caught girl-talking with Ricky's mom, Nora. Apparently, two gals can't be pals on Secret Life without everyone assuming they're getting their mack on, and in Anne's case, it might be true. We saw her making sexy eyes at Nora, and let's not forget about that flirtatious banter with the French shopgirl. Oh la la!

We'd love Anne just the same if she was gay, straight or bi, but her sexual preferences are all anyone can talk about! Do you think Anne will finally cut to the chase and come out of the Secret Life closet, or is she straight as an arrow?