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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Emily Maynard Is Crushing Hard on Jef Holm: Do You Get Why She’s So Into Him?

It seems like you either get Bachelorette sweetheart Jef Holm’s quirky charm — or you don’t.

He’s already looking like a frontrunner to win Emily Maynard’s heart on The Bachelorette Season 8, even after just four episodes! The high-haired hipster stood out to Emily on the premiere when he rolled in on his skateboard, and on Episode 2, they had their first mini fight (sort of) over him not making junior-high eyes at her when she made junior high eyes at him. Then, in Episode 4 in Bermuda, Jef made off (again) with a group date rose!

As Emily complained to Jef after the Muppets group date, “When I came in here tonight I said 'Where the hell is Jef? Like, where has he been all day? Why hasn't he come talk to me?' ... Either Jef's playing hard to get or he's just not into me. ... Does Jef speak English?" Jef said he does speak English. He said he felt like if she had been giving him the eye, she was also giving that same look to a bunch of other guys, so he didn’t feel special.

It was really more like fourth-grade than junior high, but cute all the same — and it certainly set them up with a Team Cupcake-esque storyline to return to if they do manage to make it to the end.

And if you remember, not feeling special was something that gnawed away at Emily after she watched The Bachelor Season 15 back and saw Brad Womack saying the same sweet things to all the girls. Emily told Jef she sees a lot of how she was — and still is — in him. He got the first group date rose of the season, followed up by the second, shocking poor Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

Do you get why she likes him? Honestly, we do. He has a certain … what is it? … like a mini hipster swagger. He needs to stop making that OK move with his hands when he’s making a point — he’s already done it twice now in two different episodes — but that’s forgivable.

But do you think he’s into her? It’s almost like she was begging for his attention. She even called herself his annoying sister, which is probably not the idea you want to put out there. Then again, maybe Emily is as into the chase as Ryan Bowers. When 24 guys are coming after you, the one guy playing coy may be the one who stands out.