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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Blog: Jef Better Kiss Me Soon — Plus, Panic in Bermuda!

As it turns out, not only did Nate Bakke cry and talk about quinoa on that 2-on-1 date, he sang Meatloaf to Emily Maynard and asked what she “wouldn’t do for love.” So he sank his own battleship on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 4. Congrats to John Wolfner on a really easy win, especially when it sounds like Wolf also saved damsel Em in her watery distress.

Em explains more in her blog on Episode 4. Here are some of the highlights.

Ryan Bowers is judging us all:
“The [group date] after party with the yellow team was great, and I was really looking forward to spending more time with each of the guys in a small group. My conversation with Ryan was interesting, to say the least. I really try to make it a point to not judge others, and I felt like Ryan wasn't giving me the same respect at all. I know what kind of woman I am, and I refuse to let anyone make me question myself, especially for something so small. I also don't think Ryan would've had any problems if I was kissing him instead of Arie!”

Jef Holm needs to pucker up already: “Speaking of kissing, as Jef and I were walking down to the beach, I was thinking, ‘What a perfect place for us to have our first kiss!’ Clearly he wasn't thinking the same thing! Everything else with Jef and me came so easily, so I couldn't figure out why he still hadn't tried to kiss me. I hoped giving him one more group date rose would let him know that I had a huge crush on him and that he better make a move soon.”

More from the 2-on-1 date:
“What you didn't get to see was that after jumping off the cliff (I clearly am not the best swimmer), I had a bit of a panic attack because the water was freezing and very rough that day. I was trying my best to get to the boat, but John saw that I was having a hard time and helped me the entire way back. He couldn't have been more attentive, and I was so thankful that he was there. Once we got to the caves, I had alone time with each of the guys and wanted to be sure I was making the right decision. As great as Nate was, there was a moment you didn't get to see where Nate sang Meatloaf to me and asked what I ‘wouldn't do for love.’ As funny and odd as it was, I realized we had very little in common and we probably weren't the best fit for each other. I was happy to give the rose to John, especially after seeing such a sweeter side to him during the earlier part of the day.”

Read Em’s full blog for more. Sorry if the Meatloaf song is now stuck in your head. Blame Nate.

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06.5.2012 / 11:14 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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